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  • Parachute Trico

    Parachute Trico

    The tiny moving water mayfly family of Tricorythodes (or more commonly known as Tricos), make up what for what they lack in size (generally sizes 18-22) with their almost plague-like numbers.  Whether you are looking to fish the freshly...

  • Parachute Trico Emerger

    Parachute Trico Emerger

    A common summer through fall mayfly hatch throughout most of the US, the small-statured Trico mayflies will emerge in such numbers that they will commonly blanket the waters from which they hatch!  During these abundant hatches, trout will actively...

  • Parachute White Miller

    Parachute White Miller

    White Drakes, White Flies, or White Millers, whatever the name they might go by in your neck of the woods, the importance of the Ephoron family to both trout and the fly fisher stretches from the Midwest to the East Coast.  Typically...

  • Pheasant Tail Brassie

    Pheasant Tail Brassie

    The love child of a Pheasant Tail Nymph and a Copper John, the Pheasant Tail Brassie is a perfect mix between realistic profile & proportion with a bit of attractor flair!  An excellent mayfly or stonefly nymph imitation, this heavy metal nymph...

  • Pheasant Tail Nymph Olive Pheasant Tail Nymph Black Pheasant Tail Nymph

    Pheasant Tail Nymph

    While there are no secret patterns that are guaranteed to catch fish every time you are on the water, the closest thing to it would be the Pheasant Tail Nymph.  This generalist nymph pattern is close enough in color to a host of invertebrate species...

  • PMD Pearl Wing Spinner

    PMD Pearlwing Spinner

    Used to match the expired PMD, PED, and Sulphur Mayflies, this Pearlwing Spinner has given up its ghost and is ready and waiting for a hungry trout to snap it up!  Immediately after spawning, the spinners rain down on the water, luring even the most...

  • PMD Sparkle Dun

    PMD Sparkle Dun

    While present throughout the US, the Pale Morning Dun (PMD) is most prolific and considered a vital food source for trout out west.  Usually emerging from the water in the morning and again at dusk, the PMD Sparkle Dun floats low in the water and is...

  • Prince Nymph

    Prince Nymph

    While the Prince Nymph in its various forms has the profile of a mayfly or stonefly nymph, that is where the resemblance ends.  Contrasting red and white goose biots, gold wire wrapped over a peacock body all come together to form one extremely...

  • Dad Bod Nymph - Side View Dad Bod Nymph - Bottom View PS Dad Bod

    PS Dad Bod

    “Dad Bods are hot right now!” While the Dad jokes almost write themselves on the river with this pattern, this double beadhead nymph pattern is no laughing matter when it comes to catching trout! This fly is a little scruffy up top, sporting...

  • Rainbow Warrior (Original) Red Rainbow Warrior Purple Rainbow Warrior Black Rainbow Warrior

    Rainbow Warrior

    Probably the flashiest Attractor nymph in the fly box, the Rainbow Warrior lives up to its name and is wrapped in mirrored mylar and multi-colored dubbing.  This little fly is trout crack!  Fish it as a mayfly nymph, a stonefly nymph,...

  • Red Headed Step Child Red Headed Step Child

    Red Headed Step Child

    Like throwing a hot coal in the water, tying on a Red Headed Step Child will make your next trip to the river sizzle!  Sharing the size and profile of a stonefly nymph fresh from the egg, and any number of mayfly nymphs, the red tinsel legs, glass...

  • Royal Coachman

    Royal Coachman

    Like The jealous younger sibling of the Royal Wulff, the Royal Coachman  is in a stiff competition to be the most productive Attractor Mayfly nymph on the water! An obnoxious concoction of red floss, over-sized hen wings, peacock...

  • Royal Wulff

    Royal Wulff

    An obnoxious concoction of red floss, over-sized wings, and peacock herl, the Royal Wulff is an Attractormayfly pattern and stands out (in more ways than one) among its dry fly peers!  Prone to drive trout out of their minds and induce feeding...

  • Grey RSII Olive RSII Black RSII Pearl RSII


    No family of flies better covers the mayfly emerger life stage than the RSII!  Trout eagerly anticipate the time when the mayfly nymphs break cover from the bottom of the lake or river and make their way towards the surface.  What happens next...

  • Rusty Spinner

    Rusty Spinner

    The spawned out mayfly spinner, floating on top of the water after death, is among the easiest food and fastest calories available for the feeding trout.  Immediately after spawning, the male mayflies will fall to the water, spreading their wings...

  • Olive SOS Nymph Black SOS Nymph Purple SOS Nymph

    S.O.S. Nymph

    One of the go-to fly patterns in every fishing guide’s box, the SOS. Nymph stands for “Save Our Skin” and is the pattern we turn to when we need to start getting fish in the net! Available in purple, black, and olive, this micro nymph...

  • Skinny Nelson

    Skinny Nelson

    Originally tied along the banks of Oregon's McKenzie river, and made famous on the Big Horn River in Montana, the Skinny Nelson is an unassuming, micro-nymph pattern that has proven the downfall of many a trout!  While a killer match for a number of...

  • Soft Hackle Hex Nymph

    Soft Hackle Hex Nymph

    Buried in the soft sand and muck on the bottom of lakes and slack water rivers across the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast, when the Hex mayfly nymphs finally break cover and swim towards the surface of the water, trout lose their little fishy minds!...

  • Olive Sparkle Wing RSII Grey Sparkle Wing RSII Black Sparkle Wing RSII Pearl Sparkle Wing RSII

    Sparkle Wing RSII

    No family of flies better covers the mayfly emerger life stage than the RSII!  Trout eagerly anticipate the time when the mayfly nymphs break cover from the bottom of the lake or river and make their way towards the surface.  What happens next...

  • Split Case BWO

    Split Case BWO

    Equipped with a "Hot Spot" wing pad, the subtle olive foam on the back of the Split Case BWO  imitates the light olive body for the adult Blue Winged Olive mayfly just starting to split from its shuck and emerge!  While the olive foam back...

  • Split Case PMD Nymph

    Split Case PMD

    Equipped with a "Hot Spot" wing pad, the bright yellow foam on the back of the Split Case PMD imitate the bright yellow body for the adult PMD mayfly just starting to split from its shuck and emerge!  Like cracking the refrigerator door in...

  • Stalcup Baetis

    Stalcup Baetis

     The Stalcup Baetis is a bit of a bully when it comes to fly patterns.  It's not content to be fished for just one hatch and always wants to be a part of the action when matching a number of mayfly and stonefly species across the continent...

  • Sulphur Mayfly Selection

    Sulphur Mayfly Selection

    Found in rivers and streams throughout the entirety of the Eastern US and Canada as well as most of the Midwest, the Sulphur Mayfly (formally known as Ephemerella invaria or locally as Light Hendrickson) is one of the earliest and most anticipated mayfly...

    $18.50 - $48.50
  • Sulphur Sparkle Dun

    Sulphur Sparkle Dun

    The Sulphur Mayfly is among the most notable and eagerly anticipated (by both trout and the fly angler) late spring to early summer hatches for the whole Eastern seaboard.  The frantic emerger working its way through the surface of the water is one...