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Mosquito Patterns

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  • 2 Bead Midge

    2 Bead Midge

    “There something not quite right about this bug. I think I’ll give it a bite!” Yes, as a fisheries biologist I am able to read the minds of trout, and this is the general though process that goes through their little fishy brains before...

  • CDC Chironomid Emerger

    CDC Chironomid Emerger

    A similar pattern to the Mosquito Emerger and the Hanging Midge patterns, the CDC Chironomid Emerger is suspended horizontally across the surface of the water to imitate the final emergence of a midge leaving the water for the first time...

  • Black CDC Midge CDC Midge

    CDC Midge

    Not your grandpa’s midge pattern, the CDC midge is a sleek, low-profile trout sticker! The ultralight CDC feather wing of this pattern barely dimples the water as it touches down and is perfect for targeting ultra-selective or stillwater trout. It...

  • Grey Ugly

    Grey Ugly

    My introduction to the Grey Ugly was a memorable one, as I was out-fished by three generations of Wyoming women along the headwaters of the North Plate River.  Armed with both fly and spinning rods, fishing this fly both on top of and beneath the...

  • Griffith's Gnat Blonde Griffith's Gnat Olive Griffith's Gnat

    Griffith's Gnat

    If we had to choose only one pattern to fish during every midge hatch we encounter the rest of our days, it would be the Griffith's Gnat.  This pattern does an amazing job of imitating a cluster of midges spawning on the water when the naturals are...

  • Black Ice Cream Cone Chironomid Grey Ice Cream Cone Chironomid  Red Ice Cream Cone Chironomid Chartreuse  Ice Cream Cone Chironomid

    Ice Cream Cone Chironomid

    The Ice Cream Cone Chironomid is a heavy metal trout nightmare!  This no frills fly is mostly thread, wire, and a little flash, but it is the white beadhead that acts like a beacon to feeding trout and makes this fly particularly deadly.  While...

  • Magic Midge

    Magic Midge

    With almost 17,000 species of midge inhabiting our North American waters, trying to match their hatch down to the species is out of the question.  For greater success when fishing midges, it is often more effective to get close in size and color to...

  • Dark Olive Mayhem Black Mayhem


    Mimicking one of the most vulnerable life cycles of the invertebrate, the foam wing of the Mayhem allows it to dance and bob in the water column in a spot-on imitation of a small invertebrate trying to emerge.  Equally deadly when fished off the...

  • Miracle Nymph

    Miracle Nymph

    While it’s easy to get carried away in the fly shop and pack your boxes with a ton of different midge patterns, sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple with a tried-and-true pattern like the Miracle Nymph. Originally tied for the...

  • Mosquito Dry Fly

    Mosquito Dry Fly

    Capable of reproducing in any pond, backwater, or puddle, these little blood suckers will be found in every state and at every elevation.  While mosquitoes can quite literally be a pain to the fly angler, they remain a trout favorite.  In a...

  • Mosquito Emerger

    Mosquito Emerger

    While we as anglers may despite them, the 595 species of Mosquito inhabiting the waters of the US and Canada remain one of the trout's favorite foods.  Unlike our black flies which cling to the surface of rocks, and chironomids that burrow into the...

  • Grey Quill Midge Emerger Black Quill Midge Emerger Olive Quill Midge Emerger Cream Quill Midge Emerger

    Quill Midge Emerger

    Trout porpoising through the top of the water, fins, and snouts just clipping through the surface is a telltale sign of fish gorging on midge emergers.  Due to the small profile of most midges and chironomids, they have to struggle to break through...

12 of 12 Items