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Flies A - Z

  • Trout Chow Fly

    1%er (Trout Chow Fly)

    The 1%er or Trout Chow fly is seen as an abomination by many, and gets its name because this is how the rich elite anglers get their big fish on private water, they feed them trout chow!  We are all in agreement, fishing with a trout chow...

  • 2 Bead Midge

    2 Bead Midge

    “There something not quite right about this bug. I think I’ll give it a bite!” Yes, as a fisheries biologist I am able to read the minds of trout, and this is the general though process that goes through their little fishy brains before...

  • Red 2-Bead WD-40 Green 2-Bead WD-40 Grey 2-Bead WD-40

    2-Bead WD-40

    Similar to the household lubricant from which this pattern derives its name, the WD-40 works anytime and everywhere!  The profile of this fly and the various colors in which it is available make it one of the most versatile patterns, able...

  • 20 Incher

    20 Incher

    A freestone river champion, the 20 Incher is a generalist stonefly nymph that can be effectively fished in multiple sizes to imitate almost every species of stonefly in our waters.  The perfect balance of weight, contrasting colors, and realistic...

  • 3D Epoxy Black Fly Larva

    3D Epoxy Black Fly Larva

    With 418 species of black fly populating the US and Canada, these species are found in large numbers at every elevation.  The 3D Epoxy Black Fly Larva enables the fly angler to effectively fish most trout waters.  The contrasting white rib and...

  • 3D Epoxy Bloodworm

    3D Epoxy Bloodworm

    Buried in the mud and silt of trout lakes and rivers across the continent are an army of midge and chironomid larva.  In order to survive in these low oxygen conditions, many of these midges produce more oxygen-carrying hemoglobin protein, which...

  • Albino Hex

    Albino Hex

    The queen of North American mayflies, the Hexegenia or Hex mayfly is only outclassed in size by one other species.  Found across the United States burrowed into the silty bottoms of lakes and large rivers, the Hex mayfly nymphs will emerge to...

  • Amy's Ant - Green & Tan Amy's Ant - Red & Tan Amy's Ant - Purple & Brown

    Amy's Ant

    Tied with a high floating foam body, a widespread hair wing, and rubber legs that dance on top of the water, the Amy's Ant is equally effective as a terrestrial and adult stonefly imitation.  Fish it large, fish it often, and hold onto your fly...

  • Anato Mayfly Nymph

    Anato Mayfly Nymph

    Anato Mayfly Nymph is a thin-bodied small nymph pattern that can be fished as either a mayfly nymph or an immature stonefly nymph.  Tied with a thin synthetic leg that kicks in the current when drifting, the realistic motion of the Anato Mayfly...

  • Rust Ant Black Ant Rust & Black Ant


    While small in stature, what ants and termites lack in size, they make up for in numbers.  Each summer, across the United States, when the stars align and the temperature is right, ants will swarm and take flight.  Both flying ants and their...

  • Tan AP Nymph Black AP Nymph

    AP Nymph

    The "AP" in AP Nymph stands for "All Purpose" and that is truly the case when it comes to this ultra-versatile generalist pattern.  When fished in different sizes and colors, the AP Nymph can be used to imitate almost every species of mayfly and...

  • Barr's Emerger Blue Winged Olive Barr's Emerger Pale Morning Dun

    B's Emerger

    The B's Emerger has earned its stripes in the field and on the water, making it one of the most popular and effective mayfly emerger patterns on the market.  Tied small in olive or cream, the B's Emerger is one of our favorite patterns for matching...

  • Rainbow Trout Baby Gonga Olive Baby Gonga Brown & Yellow Baby Gonga Grey Baby Gonga Black Baby Gonga

    Baby Gonga

    Don't let it's small size full you, because the Baby Gonga is here to do work!  Tied with lead eyes for weight and an oversized head that displaces a wake in front of it, this articulated streamer measures 2.5" in length, is immaculately...

  • Olive Bachmann's Damsel Nymph Tan Bachmann's Damsel Nymph

    Bachmann's Damsel Nymph

    Sharing the same backwater and lake habitat with their larger cousins the Dragonflies, the Damselfly Nymphs are often found in the water in large numbers.  Because the adults are so accomplished at flying and rarely fall in the water, the Damselfly...

  • Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Black / White Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Olive / White Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Grey / White Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Brown / Yellow Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Olive / Yellow

    Barely Legal

    The Barely Legal articulated streamer looks like the love child of the Peanut Envy and the T & A Bunker and packs the punch of both of these killer patterns! The combination of the long profile and conehead with the vertical comb-like tufts of...

  • Batman Nymph

    Batman Nymph

    Made from the stuff of trout nightmares, the Batman Nymph will dive into the darkest pools in the river to bring trout to justice…well, if not justice at least to your landing net. Named for its black and purple color, black soft-hackle cape that...

  • Beadhead Olive Darth Baetis Beadhead Grey Darth Baetis Beadhead Brown Darth Baetis

    Beadhead Darth Baetis

    Not a pattern for the young jedi to trifle with, the Beadhead Darth Baetis lives and dark places and does bad things to trout!! Tied to overpower the reserve of rebellious tailwater trout, the slender profile and subtle flash of this fly makes it a...

  • Copper Beadhead Brassie Red Beadhead Brassie

    Beadhead Brassie

    A classic attactor midge pattern, the Beadhead Brassie is a proven killer when used to match this tiny invertebrate family.  This heavy metal pattern sinks quickly and offers a spark of color even during the low light conditions in order to grab and...

  • Beadhead Breadcrust

    Beadhead Breadcrust

    We'll be honest: we have no idea where the name Breadcrust originated. Regardless, it is one heck of a caddis pattern!  An excellent imitation of both the cased caddis life stage and the freshly emerged caddis pupa, this fly pattern will cover a...

  • Beadhead Cased Caddis

    Beadhead Cased Caddis

    Caddis larva are the architects of the aquatic world.  Constructing their cases out of sand, leaves, or pine needles which they tow on their backs, the Beadhead Cased Caddis imitates the longest life stage of this important trout food...

  • Black & red Beadhead Chironomid Pupa Pearl Beadhead Chironomid Pupa

    Beadhead Chironomid Pupa

    Making up to 90% of the trout's diet in many lakes and reservoir across the nation, there are few families of invertebrates or fly patterns so important to the trophy trout hunter as the Beadhead Chironomid Pupa!  Tied in a variety of sizes and...

  • Beadhead Chocolate Thunder (Original - Chocolate) Beadhead Chocolate Thunder (Grey) Beadhead Chocolate Thunder (Dark Olive) Beadhead Chocolate Thunder (Purple)

    Beadhead Chocolate Thunder

    Born on the highly pressured and technical tailwaters of the South Platte River in Colorado, the Chocolate Thunder (aka Foam Wing Emerger) is a super effective fly pattern for tempting shy trout! While the original Chocolate Thunder is great for...

  • Beadhead Crystal Bugger

    Beadhead Crystal Bugger

    A sexier and shinier version of the traditional beadhead wooly bugger, the Beadhead Crystal bugger shares the tradional head and tail of its predecessor, but has the addition of a shaggy, mirrored chenille wrapped around its middle...

  • BH Pearl Disco Baetis BH Red Disco Baetis BH Purple Disco Baetis

    Beadhead Disco Baetis

    Another Ascent Fly Fishing original, the Beadhead Disco Baetis has fast become one of our heavy metal, go-to fly patterns for tempting a bite out of reluctant trout!   A sexy mashup of the Disco Midge and Juju Baetis, the BH Disco Baetis is an...