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Loaded Starter Fly Kits

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  • Loaded Midge Fly Box Loaded Midge Selection Packed in an 18 Compartment Magnetic Fly Box

    Loaded Midge Box

    Found in every pond, lake, river, and creek, this family of invertebrates is commonly lumped under the names of either Midge, Gnat, or Chironomid.   With almost 17,000 species of midge inhabiting North American waters, this family is often the...

  • Loaded Streamer Selection

    Loaded Streamer Fly Box

    A statement that guides much of our time on the water is "Big fish eat big flies!" Trout are all about packing in as much protein as they can, and these opportunistic eaters can often be seduced to strike by stripping some big flies by their face...

  • Search & Destroy Loaded Fly Selection

    Search & Destroy Loaded Fly Box

    If you are new to the sport of fly fishing or are returning after a long hiatus, visiting a fly shop and viewing the military-like ranks of flies can be somewhat intimidating.  There are certain patterns that both the novice and seasoned fly angler...

  • Thorne Nature Experience Fly Fishing Camp Kit Thorne Nature Experience Fly Fishing Camp Kit

    Thorne Nature Experience Fly Fishing Camp Kit

    Ascent Fly Fishing is excited to be supporting the efforts of the Thorne Nature Experience in exposing kids to the sport of fly fishing this year!  If your daughter or son are going to be participating in one of these fly fishing camps being held in...

4 of 4 Items