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  • Amy's Ant - Green & Tan Amy's Ant - Red & Tan Amy's Ant - Purple & Brown

    Amy's Ant

    Tied with a high floating foam body, a widespread hair wing, and rubber legs that dance on top of the water, the Amy's Ant is equally effective as a terrestrial and adult stonefly imitation.  Fish it large, fish it often, and hold onto your fly...

  • Rust Ant Black Ant Rust & Black Ant


    While small in stature, what ants and termites lack in size, they make up for in numbers.  Each summer, across the United States, when the stars align and the temperature is right, ants will swarm and take flight.  Both flying ants and their...

  • Chernobyl Ant

    Chernobyl Ant

    True to its name, the Chernobyl Ant looks like a mutant terrestrial that crawled from the ashes of the Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown.  This big terrestrial pattern is both exceptionally buoyant and offers the trout some tantalizing movement as...

  • Purple Chubby Chernobyl Tan Chubby Chernobyl Brown Chubby Chernobyl Red Chubby Chernobyl Green Chubby Chernobyl

    Chubby Chernobyl

    Known for its durability and long life even after a score of fish, the Chubby Chernobyl is both versatile and deadly.  Tied with a foam body, antron wings, and rubber legs, this pattern is equally effective when fished as an adult stone fly or as a...

  • Cicada - Black/Orange Cicada - Olive/Tan


    Among the largest of terrestrial trout foods, the Cicadas will emerge from the soil each summer to chirp through the summer nights.  While present in modest numbers most years, the Cicadas will burst from the soil in almost plague-like proportions...

  • Natural Elk Hair Caddis Olive Elk Hair Caddis Grey Elk Hair Caddis Black Elk Hair Caddis Pearl Elk Hair Caddis

    Elk Hair Caddis

    If we had only one dry fly pattern to fish for every caddis hatch and were given some allowance to change up the sizes and colors, we would without a doubt choose the Elk Hair Caddis.    The quintessential Generalist pattern, the Elk Hair...

  • Fat Albert

    Fat Albert

    Often the biggest and baddest bug in the fly box, the Fat Albert might need a row all to itself.  The titanic of terrestrial patterns, this fly is truly unsinkable!  Whether you are fishing in Patagonia, the Rocky Mountains, or Alaska, the Fat...

  • Black Flying Ant Rust Flying Ant Black & Rust Flying Ant

    Flying Ant

    While small in stature, what ants and termites lack in size, they make up for in numbers.  Each summer, across the United States, when the stars align and the temperature is right, ants will swarm and take flight.  Both flying ants and their...

  • Foam Beetle

    Foam Beetle

    An often-overlooked family of flies, there are thousands of species of aquatic and terrestrial beetles present in and around trout waters.  A fish equivalant to peanut butter M&Ms, these buoyant dry fly patterns are a trout favorite.  While...

  • Foam Hopper

    Foam Hopper

    A more buoyant and durable version of the parachute hopper, the Foam Hopper will take a beating and keep on fishing!  There are few trout foods as eagerly anticipated each summer and fall as clumsy grasshoppers falling off the banks and into the...

  • Goddard Caddis

    Goddard Caddis

    Possibly the most realistic adult caddis pattern in the fly catalog, the Goddard Caddis mimics the natural in their unique wing shape all the way down to their long, distinctive antennas.  The slim profile and tightly packed deer hair of this...

  • Red Hippy Stomper Blue Hippy Stomper

    Hippy Stomper

    We don't name the patterns, we just tie the ones that catch a lot of fish!  First introduced to the Hippy Stomper by a lodge up in Alaska, it quickly became evident that the trout in the lower 48 states share a taste for this fly with their Northern...

  • Missing Link Caddis

    Missing Link Caddis

    The Missing Link Caddis has a complicated family tree.  The love child of a caddis and a mayfly, this crossover pattern fishes just as effectively as an emerging or adult caddis fly as it does as a drifting mayfly or spawned out spinner.  When...

  • Black Morrish Mouse

    Morrish Mouse

    This ultra buoyant mouse pattern is a guide favorite from Alaska to Patagonia and everywhere in between.  Effective for trout, bass, and pike, the foam-back helps this pattern stay afloat while the bushy rabbit fur tail provides extra movement as...

  • Mouse Rat

    Mouse Rat

    The most popular mouse pattern in the fly angler's box, the Mouse Rat is equally efficient at catching large trout as it is hooking bass and pike.  This ultra-realistic rodent pattern will admirably imitate mice, voles, shrews, lemmings, and even a...

  • Parachute Caddis

    Parachute Caddis

    Don't let the name of this pattern fool you and make you think that it is only effective during the caddis hatch!  The Parachute Caddis is one of our favorite and most versatile crossover patterns, and can be fished with equal success as either an...

  • Parachute Cricket

    Parachute Cricket

    Like a swiss cake roll with legs, crickets are a summer and fall favorite among hungry fish!  From the big size 8 Mormon Crickets of the West to the small summer-chirpers of the East, these dark-profiled dry flies are a blast to fish throughout the...

  • Parachute Hopper

    Parachute Hopper

    Like hamburgers from heaven, grasshoppers falling from the shore are well-loved and eagerly anticipated by the hungry trout lurking beneath stream banks.  Probably the most popular and functional terrestrial insect, and the star of the "Hopper -...

  • Parachute White Miller

    Parachute White Miller

    White Drakes, White Flies, or White Millers, whatever the name they might go by in your neck of the woods, the importance of the Ephoron family to both trout and the fly fisher stretches from the Midwest to the East Coast.  Typically...

  • PS Martian Mouse - In the Light PS Martian Mouse - In the Dark

    PS Martian Mouse

    The PS Martian Mouse is an other-worldly fly and the brainchild of Aquatic Biologist Peter Stitcher.  Tied with several thick tufts of Glow in the Dark Flash to imitate the frantic splashing of a rodent swimming across the...

  • Terrestrial Insect Selection

    Terrestrial Insect Selection

    The broadest definition of a "Terrestrial" is any land-born animal or insect.  As far as food sources for trout are concerned, this selection covers the big 5 terrestrial food groups of ants, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, and cicadas.   When...

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  • Red Turk's Tarantula Tan Turk's Tarantula

    Turk's Tarantula

    A tempting piece of meat floating on the water, the Turk's Tarantula dry fly is a pure Attractor pattern.  Large enough to loosely imitate either a terrestrial or an adult stonefly, it's exaggerated wing, long rubber legs, brightly colored belly,...

  • Walt's Large Popper - Black Walt's Large Popper - Black & Yellow Stripe Walt's Large Popper - Chartreuse Walt's Large Popper - Chartreuse Fish Scale Walt's Large Popper  -  Carolina Blue

    Walt's Large Popper

    Similar to fishing with an M-80 fire cracker, when you toss the Walt’s Large Popper in water, just wait for the BANG! when the fish crash through the surface with explosive like strikes! Whether you are targeting bass, pike, or large...

  • Walt's Large Slider - Black & Yellow Stripe Walt's Large Slider - Chartreuse Fish Scale Walt's Large Slider - Carolina Blue Walt's Large Slider - Yellow Bee Walt's Large Slider - Frog

    Walt's Large Slider

    Tied with a backwards popper head and a sharp nose, the Walt’s Large Slider is a different animal with some unique dance moves that makes it a killer fly pattern when targeting bass, monster panfish, pike, and trout feeding beneath the surface of...

24 of 29 Items