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  • 20 Incher

    20 Incher

    A freestone river champion, the 20 Incher is a generalist stonefly nymph that can be effectively fished in multiple sizes to imitate almost every species of stonefly in our waters.  The perfect balance of weight, contrasting colors, and realistic...

  • Amy's Ant - Green & Tan Amy's Ant - Red & Tan Amy's Ant - Purple & Brown

    Amy's Ant

    Tied with a high floating foam body, a widespread hair wing, and rubber legs that dance on top of the water, the Amy's Ant is equally effective as a terrestrial and adult stonefly imitation.  Fish it large, fish it often, and hold onto your fly...

  • Anato Mayfly Nymph

    Anato Mayfly Nymph

    Anato Mayfly Nymph is a thin-bodied small nymph pattern that can be fished as either a mayfly nymph or an immature stonefly nymph.  Tied with a thin synthetic leg that kicks in the current when drifting, the realistic motion of the Anato Mayfly...

  • Tan AP Nymph Black AP Nymph

    AP Nymph

    The "AP" in AP Nymph stands for "All Purpose" and that is truly the case when it comes to this ultra-versatile generalist pattern.  When fished in different sizes and colors, the AP Nymph can be used to imitate almost every species of mayfly and...

  • Attractor Nymph Slection

    Attractor Nymph Selection

    While close in size and profile to the mayfly and stonefly nymphs they are intended to imitate, the Attractor Nymph selection is loaded with sexier, flashier versions of the naturals.  Trout are the alpha predators in their ecosystem, and...

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  • Batman Nymph

    Batman Nymph

    Made from the stuff of trout nightmares, the Batman Nymph will dive into the darkest pools in the river to bring trout to justice…well, if not justice at least to your landing net. Named for its black and purple color, black soft-hackle cape that...

  • Beadhead Evil Weevil

    Beadhead Evil Weevil

    A proud member of a long line of attractor nymphs (such as the Rainbow Warrior and Copper John), the Beadhead Evil Weevil's sole purpose is to tick off feeding fish and trick them into striking.  Tied with a metallic green body, flashback, and...

  • Beadhead Flashback Hare's Ear (Natural) Beadhead Flashback Hare's Ear (Dark Olive)

    Beadhead Flashback Hare's Ear

    If we could only fish two nymph patterns for the rest of our days on the water, one would be a Flashback Hare's Ear, and the second would be the Flashback Pheasant Tail.  This generalist nymph pattern is close enough in profile and color to a host...

  • Beadhead Flashback Pheasant Tail

    Beadhead Flashback Pheasant Tail

    While there are no secret patterns that are guaranteed to catch fish every time you are on the water, the closest thing to it would be the Pheasant Tail Flashback nymph.  This generalist nymph pattern is close enough in color to a host of...

  • Beadhead Fly Formerly Known as Prince

    Beadhead Fly Formerly Known as Prince

    Initiated from a dare to make the Prince Nymph even gaudier, the Fly Formerly Known As Prince was born!  Like the Prince Nymph's sexy big sister, the Fly Formerly Known As Prince has replaced the traditional white biot wing with a mirrored...

  • Brown Beadhead Hot Collar Pat's Rubberleg Yellow Beadhead Hot Collar Pat's Rubberleg Black Beadhead Hot Collar Pat's Rubberleg

    Beadhead Hot Collar Pat's Rubberleg

    A flashier and sexier version of the classic Pat's Rubberleg, the Beadhead Hot Collar Pat's Rubberleg adds a bit of heavy metal and a contrasting orange collar to make this fly really pop!  The long rubber legs (imitating the distinctive legs,...

  • Beadhead Hotwire Nymph

    Beadhead Hotwire Nymph

    The lovechild of the Copper John and the Pheasant Tail, the Hotwire Nymph is a terror to trout one of the best tools in the fly fisher's box!  Loaded with plenty of weight to ensure you get a deep drift, this flashy nymph pattern is equally...

  • Beadhead Hotwire Prince Nymph - Blue/Silver Beadhead Hotwire Prince Nymph - Chartreuse/Yellow Beadhead Hotwire Prince Nymph - Red/Yellow

    Beadhead Hotwire Prince Nymph

    The love child of the Prince Nymph, and Copper John, the Beadhead Hotwire Prince Nymph inherited all of the best characteristics from both of its parents! Bright alternating wire ribs, white biot wings, soft hackle for motion, and a...

  • Beadhead Iron Sally

    Beadhead Iron Sally

    The Beadhead Iron Sally is a flashy little stonefly nymph that incorporates the prominent antennas, legs, wing case, and tails of the natural nymph, but adds a touch of dramatic flair with its tighly wrapped wire abdomen.  An effective match for a...

  • Beadhead Juju Yellow Sally Nymph

    Beadhead Juju Yellow Sally

    The Beadhead Juju Yellow Sally is a flashy little stonefly nymph that expertly mimics the thin abdomen and brightly colored yellow body, and prominent split tail of juvenile Yellow Sally, Golden, and Early Brown Stonefly nymphs! Anglers...

  • Beadhead Micro Mayfly Nymph

    Beadhead Micro Mayfly

    Don't let the name, Beadhead Micro Mayfly, fool you.  Regardless of what you might think, trout don't know the name of the flies in your fly box, and this pattern matches a much broader swath of invertebrate families and species than just the...

  • Beadhead Mylar Prince Nymph

    Beadhead Mylar Prince Nymph

    A lake and river warrior, the Beadhead Mylar Prince Nymph are ready to do battle with big fish where you are fishing.  Equipped with a bright green body, gold rib, and long white wings, this obnoxious and overstated fly pattern does a great job at...

  • Beadhead Prince Nymph

    Beadhead Prince Nymph

    While the Prince Nymph in its various forms has the profile of a mayfly or stonefly nymph, that is where the resemblance ends.  Contrasting red and white goose biots, gold wire wrapped over a peacock body, and metal head come together to form one...

  • Beadhead Prince of Darkness

    Beadhead Prince of Darkness

    Decked out in black, white, and silver, the gothic younger brother of the prince nymph known as the Beadhead Prince of Darkness is just crying out for a little attention!.  Excellent under low light conditions or when fished at night,...

  • Pink Beadhead Psycho Prince Purple Beadhead Psycho Prince Yellow Beadhead Psycho Prince

    Beadhead Psycho Prince

    If the traditional Prince Nymph isn't flamboyant enough for you and you're looking to grab the attention of some feeding trout, the Beadhead Psycho Prince is your fly!  Tied with a fluorescent ultra-shiny body with contrasting colored tail and...

  • Beadhead Red Squirrel Nymph

    Beadhead Red Squirrel Nymph

    This tried and true generalist nymph pattern has been putting the hurt on trout for more than 50 years and will undoubtedly be catching fish for countless years to come. The brain child of fly fishing legend Dave Whitlock, the Beadhead Red Squirrel Nymph...

  • Red Beadhead Rubber Leg Copper J Beadhead Rubber Leg Copper J Chartreuse Beadhead Rubber Leg Copper J

    Beadhead Rubber Leg Copper J

    Born out of the desire to take one of our most effective nymph patterns to the next level, the Beadhead Rubber Leg Copper J was born!  A combination of all of our favorite fly flavors; heavy beads, rubber legs kicking in the current, and highly...

  • Beadhead Skinny Nelson

    Beadhead Skinny Nelson

    Originally tied along the banks of Oregon's McKenzie river, and made famous on the Big Horn River in Montana, the Skinny Nelson is an unassuming, micro-nymph pattern that has proven the downfall of many a trout!  While a killer match for a number of...

  • Beadhead Soft Hackle Hare's Ear

    Beadhead Soft Hackle Hare's Ear

    Also know as the Guides Choice hares Ear Nymph, it is the soft hackle wrap on the that adds the final layer of realism to this already legendary pattern.  As this nymph drifts through the water, the wet hackle wrap flutters and kicks like the...

24 of 69 Items