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Sulphur Mayfly Selection

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Found in rivers and streams throughout the entirety of the Eastern US and Canada as well as most of the Midwest, the Sulphur Mayfly (formally known as Ephemerella invaria or locally as Light Hendrickson) is one of the earliest and most anticipated mayfly hatches for both the trout and the anglers who pursue them.  These slow-emerging mayflies spend a lot of time at the surface of the water before committing to the hatch, making the emerging nymph and dun life cycles exceptionally productive on the fly.  For the angler ready to brush off a long winter, the Sulphur hatch is your chance to knock the dust off your fly rod and get back in the game!

The Small Selection has a total of 12 Sulphur Mayfly patterns and includes of 6 wet and 6 dry patterns.

The Medium Selection has a total of 24 Sulphur Mayfly patterns, expands upon the sizes, and includes of 12 wet and 12 dry patterns with some repetition in the most important sizes.

The Large Selection has a total of 36 Sulphur Mayfly patterns, ensures that you are will be lacking for nothing during this prolonged spring hatch, and includes 18 wet and 18 dry patterns with repetition in the most important sizes. 

The flies included in this selection are:

  • Beadhead Flashback Pheasant tail
  • Matt's Baetis
  • Beadhead Flashback Hare's Ear
  • Greg's Emerger - Black
  • Sulphur Sparkle Dun
  • Light Cahill CDC Comparadun
  • Parachute Sulphur
  • Parachute Sulphur Dun
  • Parachute Red Quill
  • Hendrickson Spinner

The focus of this fly selection is to hit the most important life stages for the fly fisher and the feeding trout.

This fly selection does not include a box, but will be packed in a recyclable dish.