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Dry Midge & Chironomid Patterns

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  • 2 Bead Midge

    2 Bead Midge

    “There something not quite right about this bug. I think I’ll give it a bite!” Yes, as a fisheries biologist I am able to read the minds of trout, and this is the general though process that goes through their little fishy brains before...

  • Bloodworm Emerger

    Bloodworm Emerger

    A midge emerger from another mother, the Bloodworm Emerger is a mix of tried and true patterns like the mole fly and quill emerger with a dash of fire! Trout porpoising through the top of the water, fins and snouts just clipping through the surface is a...

  • Bloody Butcher

    Bloody Butcher

    A close cousin to the Orange Asher, Griffith's Gnat, and Renegade patterns, this cluster fly is equally potent on top of the water and below it.  You can fish it as an adult midge or chironomid, or drown it and fish it as an attractor using either a...

  • Black CDC Midge CDC Midge

    CDC Midge

    Not your grandpa’s midge pattern, the CDC midge is a sleek, low-profile trout sticker! The ultralight CDC feather wing of this pattern barely dimples the water as it touches down and is perfect for targeting ultra-selective or stillwater trout. It...

  • Cranefly


    Among the largest of midges on our water, the Crane Fly looks like a Boeing 777 when compared with its peers.  Known by a number of names from "Mosquito Hawk" to "Skeeter Dragon", the general image being communicated is that this is one BIG midge!...

  • Deadly Dozen Midge Selection

    Deadly Dozen Midge Selection

    The Deadly Dozen Midge Selection has been purposefully assembled to match more midge species across more regions and waters - throughout the entirety of their life cycle -  with a few go-to fly patterns.  With almost 17,000 midge species...

    $18.50 - $63.50
  • Black Dry Midge Olive Dry Midge Brown Dry Midge Cream Dry Midge Grey Dry Midge

    Dry Midge

    The traditional dry midge pattern is a fairly simple fly. It has been tied with only 3 materials as long as anyone can remember, and doesn't feel the need to put on airs and graces like a new fangled midge pattern!  This family of flies has been...

  • Grey Ugly

    Grey Ugly

    My introduction to the Grey Ugly was a memorable one, as I was out-fished by three generations of Wyoming women along the headwaters of the North Plate River.  Armed with both fly and spinning rods, fishing this fly both on top of and beneath the...

  • Griffith's Gnat Blonde Griffith's Gnat Olive Griffith's Gnat

    Griffith's Gnat

    If we had to choose only one pattern to fish during every midge hatch we encounter the rest of our days, it would be the Griffith's Gnat.  This pattern does an amazing job of imitating a cluster of midges spawning on the water when the naturals are...

  • Hi Vis Parachute Adams

    Hi Vis Parachute Adams

    If we were only allowed to fish one dry mayfly pattern for the rest of our days on the water, that pattern would be the Parachute Adams.  If we were then asked how we could make this incredible pattern even better, we would show you the Hi Vis...

  • Magic Midge

    Magic Midge

    With almost 17,000 species of midge inhabiting our North American waters, trying to match their hatch down to the species is out of the question.  For greater success when fishing midges, it is often more effective to get close in size and color to...

  • Black Matt's Midge Chartreuse Matt's Midge Matt's Hi-Vis Midge

    Matt's Midge

    We might be the only fly shop to tell you this, but you do not in fact need to buy a separate midge pattern to match each of the almost 17,000 species you will find on our North American waters!  With a few key fly patterns in a couple sizes and...

  • Mosquito Dry Fly

    Mosquito Dry Fly

    Capable of reproducing in any pond, backwater, or puddle, these little blood suckers will be found in every state and at every elevation.  While mosquitoes can quite literally be a pain to the fly angler, they remain a trout favorite.  In a...

  • Pearl O Shoot Midge Red O Shoot Midge

    O Shoot Midge

    When there are thousands of midges on the water vying for the attention of feeding trout, sometimes you need to throw something a little flashy and obnoxious in order to seduce the strike.  The O Shoot Midge is a pure attractor pattern, and is a...

  • Orange Asher

    Orange Asher

    Tied to look like a cluster of midges mating on the water and utilizing bright colors that are visible even under the worst conditions on the river, the Orange Asher is a killer midge pattern fished with equal effect both on top of or just beneath the...

  • Parachute Adams

    Parachute Adams

    If we were only allowed to fish one dry mayfly pattern for the rest of our days on the water, that pattern would be the Parachute Adams.  This Generalist pattern is one that we have returned to over the decades, and have effectively fished...

  • Parachute Purple Haze

    Parachute Purple Haze

    A flashier and sexier version of the Parachute Adams, the Parachute Purple Haze shares many characteristics with the Adams but has replaced the grey body with an eye-catching metallic purple.  The spark of light produced from the purple body makes...

  • Parachute Trico

    Parachute Trico

    The tiny moving water mayfly family of Tricorythodes (or more commonly known as Tricos), make up what for what they lack in size (generally sizes 18-22) with their almost plague-like numbers.  Whether you are looking to fish the freshly...

  • Grey Quill Midge Emerger Black Quill Midge Emerger Olive Quill Midge Emerger Cream Quill Midge Emerger

    Quill Midge Emerger

    Trout porpoising through the top of the water, fins, and snouts just clipping through the surface is a telltale sign of fish gorging on midge emergers.  Due to the small profile of most midges and chironomids, they have to struggle to break through...

  • Renegade


    Known as a bit of a bad boy when it comes to midge imitations, the Renegade is the fly you tie on when you need to break out of a slump and land a fish.  Featuring all of the characteristics of the generalist that allow it to be effective matching a...

  • Sierra Bright Spot

    Sierra Bright Spot

    Pure sex appeal on a hook, the Sierra Bright Spot is up to no good! Intended to grab the trout’s attention and quickly seduce a short sighted strike, this pattern has been the downfall of trout across the West Coast and is now dancing its way...

  • Trico Sparkle Dun

    Trico Sparkle Dun

    A common summer through fall mayfly hatch throughout most of the US, the small-statured Trico mayflies will emerge in such numbers that they will commonly blanket the waters from which they hatch!  During these abundant hatches, trout will actively...

22 of 22 Items