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Hatch Specific Selections

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  • Attractor Nymph Slection

    Attractor Nymph Selection

    While close in size and profile to the mayfly and stonefly nymphs they are intended to imitate, the Attractor Nymph selection is loaded with sexier, flashier versions of the naturals.  Trout are the alpha predators in their ecosystem, and...

    $24.50 - $62.00
  • Black Caddis Selection

    Black Caddis Selection

    Several caddis species share the common moniker "Black Caddis" (or "Mother's Day Caddis"), and can be found hatching throughout spring and summer.  While some western states such as Montana and Idaho have been blessed with black caddis hatches of...

    $18.50 - $48.50
  • Blue Winged Olive Mayfly Selection

    Blue Winged Olive Mayfly Selection

    The Blue Winged Olive Mayfly is one of the most prolific mayfly families in the United States and can be found on rivers and streams at every elevation and in almost every state.  This mayfly family will often have two generations per year, with...

    $18.50 - $63.50
  • Callibaetis Mayfly Selection

    Callibaetis Mayfly Selection

    Found in nearly every roadside ditch, pond, lake and reservoir in the central and western United States, the Callibaetis mayfly is one of the most important stillwater food sources for trout.  While the nymphs of the callibaetis are available to...

    $18.75 - $48.75
  • Damselfly Selection

    Damselfly Selection

    The smaller cousin to the dragonfly, Damselflies are commonLY found in lakes and backwaters at every elevation.  Hatching throughout the summer, the adults can produce explosive strikes, while stripping the nymphs next to weedbeds or along the...

    $18.00 - $33.00
  • Deadly Dozen Caddis Selection

    Deadly Dozen Caddis Selection

    The Deadly Dozen Caddis was purposefully assembled to match more caddis species across more regions and water - throughout the entirety of their life cycle - with a few go-to fly patterns.  With 1,261 species of caddis found in the lakes and rivers...

    $18.50 - $63.50
  • Deadly Dozen Midge Selection

    Deadly Dozen Midge Selection

    The Deadly Dozen Midge Selection has been purposefully assembled to match more midge species across more regions and waters - throughout the entirety of their life cycle -  with a few go-to fly patterns.  With almost 17,000 midge species...

    $18.50 - $63.50
  • Deadly Dozen Stonefly Selection

    Deadly Dozen Stonefly Selection

    Created for the angler who is looking to do battle with trout as they pursue stoneflies both wet and dry, the Deadly Dozen Stonefly Pattern Selectionwas assembled to equip these warriors of the fly with the go-to patterns to match this family of aquatic...

    $21.00 - $51.50
  • Dry Caddisfly Selection

    Dry Caddis Fly Selection

    With 18 families and 1,261 species of caddis found in lakes and rivers across North America, the caddisfly is one of the most important foods in the trout's diet. For all intents and purposes, caddisflies are just aquatic moths. Unlike midges, mayflies,...

    $18.00 - $55.50
  • Dry Stonefly Selection

    Dry Stonefly Selection

    Dry stonefly patterns are by far one of the most fun patterns to fish!  These "steaks of the river" offer feeding trout a shot at a big chunk of protein and cause them to strike with explosive force so as not to miss these floating treats...

    $21.00 - $58.50
  • Go-To Dry Mayfly Selection

    Go-To Dry Mayfly Selection

    While not as numerous as midges or as large as stoneflies, mayflies are without question one of the most important food sources for trout in most streams and rivers.  With 17 families and 611 species of mayflies found in North America, the goal of...

    $18.00 - $55.50
  • Golden Stonefly Selection

    Golden Stonefly Selection

    Among the biggest and baddest bugs on the river, the Golden Stonefly hatch is one of the most eagerly anticipated hatches of the summer!  These large bodied stoneflies take up to two years to reach maturity as a nymph before they are ready to crawl...

    $18.75 - $48.75
  • Hendrickson Mayfly Selection

    Hendrickson Mayfly Selection

    Hendrickson is a common name that anglers have used to encompass both the species of Ephemerella invaria (also known as the Sulphur of Light Hendrickson) and Ephemerella needhami (Dark Hendrickson) because they are often found living in the same...

    $18.50 - $48.50
  • Hex Mayfly Selection

    Hex Mayfly Selection

    Populating lakes and slack waters in every US State (except Alaska, Arizona, and New Mexico), and spreading throughout every Canadian province except the furthest reaches of Nunavut and the Yukon, the Hex Mayfly (or genus Hexagenia) is one of the largest...

    $18.00 - $33.00
  • Leech Fly Selection

    Leech Selection

    Found in ponds, reservoirs, creeks, and rivers at every elevation and in all 50 states, leeches are a must-have pattern for the fly fisher who loves to catch big fish!  Most commonly found swimming along the bottom of the lake or river, retrieving...

    $16.00 - $28.00
  • Pale Morning Dun / Pale Evening Dun Selection

    Pale Morning Dun / Pale Evening Dun Fly Selection

    While the Pale Morning Dun and Pale Evening Dun mayflies are members of different families, they are largely similar in size and profile, allowing them to be matched by many of the same fly patterns.  Both families can be found in streams and rivers...

    $18.75 - $48.75
  • Salmonfly Selection

    Salmonfly Selection

    The stonefly genus of Pteronarcys could have come straight out of a Japanese monster movie taking on Godzilla in a fight to the death!  Known regionally as the Salmonfly or Giant Black Stonefly, these massive nymphs of crawl out of the river each...

    $20.00 - $35.75
  • Scud Selection

    Scud Selection

    Though often confused with fresh water shrimp, scud are among a family of "side swimmers" and are a key staple in the diet of trophy trout in both lakes and rivers. Varying in color from olive to pink, these protein-packed crustaceans try to stay close...

    $18.00 - $48.00
  • Sculpin Selection

    Sculpin Selection

    Found in rivers, streams, at every elevation and across most of the US and Canada, sculpin are one of the favorite foods of big trout and bass! Varying in color from a mottled brown to olive, sculpin spend their lives darting between the rocks and algae...

    $16.00 - $30.00
  • Shad Fly Selection

    Shad Selection

    Big fish eat big flies, and shad are among the favorite foods of many warm water predators (bass, pike, crappie, walleye, etc.) as well as large trout.  A school of shad looks like a tasty plate of sushi to a trophy fish, and you don't want to be...

    $16.00 - $28.00
  • Sow Bug Selection

    Sow Bug Selection

    Cousins of scud and freshwater shrimp, these crustaceans are best described as underwater roly polys.  While these tasty trout treats are common in a number of lakes and rivers across the country, their numbers can reach epic proportions in waters...

    $18.75 - $48.75
  • Stonefly Nymph Selection

    Stonefly Nymph Selection

    In streams and rivers full of tiny invertebrates, the stonefly nymphs look like something out of a 1970's Japanese Monster movie!  Like creatures rising from the primordial ooze, the stonefly nymphs crawl from the water to offer both the angler and...

    $21.00 - $66.00
  • Sulphur Mayfly Selection

    Sulphur Mayfly Selection

    Found in rivers and streams throughout the entirety of the Eastern US and Canada as well as most of the Midwest, the Sulphur Mayfly (formally known as Ephemerella invaria or locally as Light Hendrickson) is one of the earliest and most anticipated mayfly...

    $18.50 - $48.50
  • Terrestrial Insect Selection

    Terrestrial Insect Selection

    The broadest definition of a "Terrestrial" is any land-born animal or insect.  As far as food sources for trout are concerned, this selection covers the big 5 terrestrial food groups of ants, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, and cicadas.   When...

    $14.99 - $44.99
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