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  • 2 Guys & a River Podcast

    S4:Ep20 Organizing Your Fly Box Chaos

    Fly box chaos is real. You start out nice and organized, with pretty little rows, and then the Law of Entropy kicks in. Next thing you know, your fly box looks like a tossed salad. In this episode, we interview Peter Stitcher, with Ascent Fly Fishing. Peter has come up with a simple but biologically organized method for making sense of your fly box. Peter is a legit biologist, and his solution is briliant. By the way, Peter has given our listeners a discount on his “Creating Order in Your Fly Box” film to help you implement his approach. Scroll down to get your promo code.

  • Trout Porn Podcast

    Ep61: Fly Fishing Rendezvous with Peter Stitcher

    Sat down with Peter Sticher of Ascent Fly Fishing/River Oracle and we talked about a TON of things. We broke down fishing during the spawn, what to look for, and how to not get in trouble. We talked about some upcoming hatches this spring and summer. The YouTube channel was discussed as well as the videos it contains. Then we got into the meat and potatoes of the evening, the Fly Fishing Rendezvous. Tons and tons of speakers, tons of classes, so many reasons to get there and enjoy it. Buy your FFR tickets in advance and use the code TROUTPORN for a $7 ticket. Visit my awesome sponsors at the links below.

  • Trout Porn Podcast

    Ep50: Round two with Peter Stitcher

    Sat down for another episode with Peter Stitcher from Ascent Fly Fishing, one of the new sponsors of the Trout Porn Podcast. We talked about some new flies coming your way, how to shop small if you can’t shop local, and the benefits of organizing your fly box per the hatch. Don’t forget to visit our sponsors for all your needs.

  • Gritty Angler Podcast

    Ep56: Match The Hatch With Ascent FlyFishing

    Right Bugs, More Tugs! Peter Stitcher, aquatics biologist, helps us understand bugs and trout feeding behavior during hatches. He explains the PAUSE method, which can help all anglers identify hatches and the food source that trout are keying in on.

  • Fly Fishing 97 Podcast

    Ep116: Peter Stitcher - Fly Fishing 97 Podcast

    This week we have an informative chat with Pete Stitcher of Ascent Fly Fishing. Ascent is a biologist owned and operated fly shop committed to getting you the right flies for the waters you fish. Self-proclaimed "fly geek" Pete has grown his company into a vibrant global fly fishing company. We dig deep into the roots of Ascent Fly Fishing, talk all things entomology, simplifying fly selection, supporting a community, making our past time accessible, bourbon, buddies, bows, and cuttys. Thanks, Pete for taking the time, sharing your story, and your passion with us!

  • Bugs, Bugs Bugs, with Peter Stitcher

    Bugs, Bugs Bugs, with Peter Stitcher

    This week I interview aquatic biologist and fly fisher Peter Stitcher, who not only has a great way of organizing fly boxes (a question I have always neglected to answer properly), he also has some great guidance on how to figure out what is in the river and how to pick a fly from your box that will do the best job of imitating that insect—without any detailed knowledge of entomology. If you learn his acronyms PAUSE and MATCH I am convinced you will have all the knowledge you need to be more successful. Listen to the podcast to learn what these acronyms mean. In The Fly Box, we have all sorts of great questions this week: · The difference between braided and furled leaders · How to Euro nymph rivers with spooky trout · Fishing a midge larva behind a streamer · The difference between “freshwater” and “saltwater” rods · How to transition from saltwater to freshwater fly fishing · Can I use my steelhead reel in salt water? · How to travel with a large net · Tricks for avoiding bulk when tying tiny flies · When to put a fighting trout on the reel · Tips for making very short roll casts · Using cat fur for dubbing · Decreasing hooking mortality on small brookies · How to avoid large cracks in fly lines

  • The Drake Cast

    Ep16: Denver's Dirty Secret / A Yellowstone River...

    This week we travel back to the United States. In the first part of the episode, we visit a fishy hideout in the suburbs of Denver. It's there that we meet Peter Stitcher, the owner of Ascent Fly Fishing. He shows us his secret stash and reveals a few fishy tips that should help us all catch a few more trouts. We then take Peter's ideas and head into the mountains to try them out. (This story was originally produced in November 2016 for a project that later grew into The DrakeCast). You can find out more information about Peter's operation and Ascent Fly Fishing at The second half of the episode is a look back at last year's massive die-off of whitefish on Montana's Yellowstone River. Bozeman Daily Chronicle reporter Michael Wright originally broke this story in August of 2016. He shares with us the development of the crisis, how it affected the local community, and how the experience has shaped Montana today. To read a written version of this story, visit The Drake's website: For more information on this episode, visit The Drake's website:

  • WFS 051 – Fly Fishing Entomology with Peter Stitcher

    WFS 051 – Fly Fishing Entomology with Peter Stitcher from Ascent Fly Fishing – Bug Selection, Street Kids

    I sat down with Peter Stitcher from Ascent Fly Fishing to chat about analyzing the bug community to catch more fish. Peter breaks out the PAUSE method which will be a game changer to help you get started. He shares the hatch organization method, how to organize your box and when he fishes mouse patterns. Peter talks about how he takes street kids off the street and welcomes them into their home.

  • S4:E37 Peter Stitcher on Spring Fly Fishing

    S4:E37 Peter Stitcher on Spring Fly Fishing

    In this episode, we interview Peter Stitcher, an aquatic biologist and owner of Ascent Fly Fishing in the Denver, Colorado, area. We asked Peter to help us understand the nuances of spring fly fishing – what to look for when temperatures start to rise, which patterns seem to work best, and what times of day to fish. See below for more information on how to fish ethically during spawning season.

  • The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast

    224 | Geeking Out On Bugs With Peter Stitcher | Ascent Fly Fishing

    Rob met Peter Stitcher at the Virginia Fly Fishing Show in January 2019. Rob and Peter are both bug geeks with backgrounds in biology. They decided to set up a podcast to geek out on bugs, discuss Peter's humanitarian work, his fishing show, bucket list hatches, and how and when to select bugs for a specific hatch in a specific location. Rob thinks Peter is THE MOST organized dude in the fly fishing industry. Hopefully they get to fish together this summer.

  • 2 Guys & a River Podcast

    S4:E41 Fair Labor Practices for Fly Fishing Products

    In this episode, we interview Peter Stitcher, who, along with his wife Jessica, is the co-founder of Ascent Fly Fishing in the Denver area. Peter designed his company with purpose, and one of the key elements of his vision is to sell sustainable flies. Listen to Peter describe his “fly tying factory” in Africa, where he has created a community of fly tiers who have become, essentially, part of his extended family and who participate in the profits of his business.

  • Storm Water Creek Podcast

    Storm Water Creek Podcast Episode 60: TX Fly Fishing Festival

    Peter joined the Dallas Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers at the Texas Fly Fishing Festival to record an episode of the Storm Water Creek Podcast. In this episode we talk about catching bass on the fly, the basics of reading trout water, fly fishing with spinning gear, and how beginner anglers can get started in fly fishng.

  • Ep 8: Secrecy in the Fishing World and Ascent Fly Fishing, with Peter Stitcher

    Ep 8: Secrecy in the Fishing World and Ascent Fly Fishing, with Peter Stitcher

    Peter Stitcher is the owner and “Chief Fly Geek” at Ascent Fly Fishing, a company that focuses on helping anglers get prepared for the exact time and place they want to fish by creating personalized fly selections. In addition to discussing Ascent’s goals to help anglers, Peter also shares his PAUSE and MATCH methods for learning the insects in your area and finding the right flies to match. Then, we get into the topic of secrecy in fly fishing, and how we can all be a little nicer to each other online and on the water.

  • S2, Ep 37: Peter Stitcher of Ascent Fly Fishing

    S2, Ep 37: Peter Stitcher of Ascent Fly Fishing

    In this episode, I catch up with Peter Stitcher of Ascent Fly Fishing. We discuss Peter’s early fishing adventures, Ascent’s science-based approach and Ascent’s relentless focus on community. Get 10% off on your next Ascent order by using the code ARTICULATE10 at checkout.

  • What Fly for What Bug?

    What Fly for What Bug?

    Armed with an extensive invertebrate database and more than 600,000 flies Peter and his team of 45 full-time fly tyers at Ascent specialize in the creation of Biologist Crafted Fly Selections specific to the trout foods and their life-cycles when and where you fish. Peter also just released his first film titled Creating Order in Your Fly Box, and is a regular contributor to High Country Angler Magazine.

  • Ascent Fly Fishing Talks Entomology as an Aquatic Biologist & Restoration Ecologist

    Ascent Fly Fishing Talks Entomology as an Aquatic Biologist & Restoration Ecologist

    Peter Stitcher of Ascent Fly Fishing and I get our geek on in this fun and educational conversation on the lifecycle of bugs and the rivers they live in. eter is an Aquatic Biologist & Restoration Ecologist.

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