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  • Boogle Bug Popper

    Boogle Bug Popper

    The Boogle Bug Popper is sure to make a splash the next time you target large trout, bass, pike, or muskie!  This popper-type top water pattern splashes and dives under the surface of the water as it is retrieved!  Equally effective in...

  • Dahlberg Diver

    Dahlberg Diver

    If the Dahlberg Diver looks freaked out, it is because it knows it is about to get eaten!  Large trout, bass, pike, and muskie love to crush this popper-type top water pattern as it splashes and kicks across the surface of the water!  The...

  • Swimming Frog

    Swimming Frog

    You might as well cue the music from the movie Jaws when you start fishing the Swimming Frog pattern because frog legs are about to be on the menu!  Large trout, bass, pike, and muskie love to stalk and eat frog!  Frogs are found across the US...

3 of 3 Items