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Caddis Patterns by Species

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  • Beadhead Breadcrust

    Beadhead Breadcrust

    We'll be honest: we have no idea where the name Breadcrust originated. Regardless, it is one heck of a caddis pattern!  An excellent imitation of both the cased caddis life stage and the freshly emerged caddis pupa, this fly pattern will cover a...

  • Beadhead Cased Caddis

    Beadhead Cased Caddis

    Caddis larva are the architects of the aquatic world.  Constructing their cases out of sand, leaves, or pine needles which they tow on their backs, the Beadhead Cased Caddis imitates the longest life stage of this important trout food...

  • Rockroller Cased Caddis Larva

    Beadhead Rockroller

    The most realistic cased caddis larva fly pattern in the shop, the BH Rockroller is a spot on imitation of a host of caddis species!  Tied with combination of white, brown, black, and tan rubberleg material and finished with a black beadhead...

  • Beadhead Shop Vac

    Beadhead Shop Vac

    Feared by trout across the country, the Shop Vac lives up to its name as it practically vacuums fish from every pool and riffle in the river!  First made famous on the rivers of Montana and Wyoming, this generalist fly is a killer caddis emerger...

  • Beadhead Woven Green Caddis Larva

    Beadhead Woven Green Caddis Larva

    The Beadhead Woven Green Caddis Larva is a generalist fly pattern that is intended to match a number of caddis species across the country.  The Black Caddis (mother's Day Caddis), Rhyacophila (Green Rock Worm), Olive Sedge, and Weedy Water Sedge are...

  • Beadhead Woven Net Spinning Caddis Larva

    Beadhead Woven Net Spinning Caddis Larva

    Mirroring the segmented body, dark back, and creamy gill covered belly of the actual net spinning caddis, the Beadhead Woven Net Spinning Caddis Larva is a precisely tied fly pattern that will even fool a lonely caddis larva in the water!  The...

  • Beadhead Woven Yellow Caddis Larva

    Beadhead Woven Yellow Caddis Larva

    The Beadhead Woven Yellow Caddis Larva is a generalist fly pattern that is intended to match a number of caddis species across the country.  Out of the 1,261 species of caddis found in North American waters, this pattern will match more than half of...

  • Better Buckskin

    Better Buckskin

    A newer and flashier version of the traditional buckskin caddis larva, we've added a flashback to the Better Buckskin in order to make this pattern pop in the water and seduce the predator nature of the trout.   Dry/Wet:  Wet Fly...

  • Black Caddis Selection

    Black Caddis Selection

    Several caddis species share the common moniker "Black Caddis" (or "Mother's Day Caddis"), and can be found hatching throughout spring and summer.  While some western states such as Montana and Idaho have been blessed with black caddis hatches of...

    $18.50 - $48.50
  • Black Tent Wing Caddis

    Black Tent Wing Caddis

    Used to match a wide spread of black caddis species from coast to coast, the Black Tent Wing Caddis in an ultra realistic dry fly pattern used to match the adult caddis fly.  With black caddis regularly covering waters in blanket hatches throughout...

  • Buckskin


    Simple but effective, the Buckskin (often known as the Buckskin Nymph) is a killer caddis larva pattern that consistently produces fish on lakes and rivers across the US.  Particularly effective at tricking highly selective or skittish fish, the...

  • Tan CDC Caddis Black CDC Caddis CDC Caddis

    CDC Caddis

    Similar in size and shape to the Elk Hair Caddis, the CDC feather fibers from which the wings of the CDC Caddis are tied give it a light profile on top of the water while supplying superior buoyancy.  This evolution of the adult caddis fly provides...

  • Colorado Caddis

    Colorado Caddis

    Tied with a fuller wing than the typical wet caddis pattern, the Colorado Caddis is intended to span both the emerging caddis life cycle as well as the egg-laying adult life cycle for caddis species that dive or crawl beneath the water to lay their eggs...

  • Dry Caddisfly Selection

    Dry Caddis Fly Selection

    With 18 families and 1,261 species of caddis found in lakes and rivers across North America, the caddisfly is one of the most important foods in the trout's diet. For all intents and purposes, caddisflies are just aquatic moths. Unlike midges, mayflies,...

    $18.00 - $55.50
  • Elk Caddis Micro Dun

    Elk Caddis Micro Dun

    Let me take a moment to emphasize the MICRO in the name Elk Caddis Micro Dun. Tied from a size 16 to a 22, this caddis is perfect for matching almost every medium to super small caddis species in the US. Rare for a dry caddis fly pattern, the Elk Caddis...

  • Natural Elk Hair Caddis Olive Elk Hair Caddis Grey Elk Hair Caddis Black Elk Hair Caddis Pearl Elk Hair Caddis

    Elk Hair Caddis

    If we had only one dry fly pattern to fish for every caddis hatch and were given some allowance to change up the sizes and colors, we would without a doubt choose the Elk Hair Caddis.    The quintessential Generalist pattern, the Elk Hair...

  • Tan Foam Caddis Olive Foam Caddis Black Foam Caddis Yellow Foam Caddis

    Foam Caddis

    Equal parts durable and buoyant, the foam caddis is an unsinkable dry fly and Generalist pattern used to match the adult caddis life cycle.  Whether you are pursuing trophy trout on big water or looking to break the record of the most Brookies...

  • Goddard Caddis

    Goddard Caddis

    Possibly the most realistic adult caddis pattern in the fly catalog, the Goddard Caddis mimics the natural in their unique wing shape all the way down to their long, distinctive antennas.  The slim profile and tightly packed deer hair of this...

  • Yellow Jelly Cord Caddis Larva Green Jelly Cord Caddis Larva

    Jelly Cord Caddis Larva

    The first and longest life cycle of the caddisfly, the Jelly Caddis Larva is tied in key sizes and colors, which allows it to match more species on more waters over a greater number of seasons than any other larva pattern...

  • Missing Link Caddis

    Missing Link Caddis

    The Missing Link Caddis has a complicated family tree.  The love child of a caddis and a mayfly, this crossover pattern fishes just as effectively as an emerging or adult caddis fly as it does as a drifting mayfly or spawned out spinner.  When...

  • Mother's Day Caddis

    Mother's Day Caddis

    One of the most eagerly anticipated spring hatches by both the trout and fly fisher alike, the Mother's Day Caddis hatch is the dry fly event of the year on many of the country's most famous trout rivers and streams!  Unique among caddis patterns,...

  • October Caddis

    October Caddis

    One of the largest caddis species on the water, the October Caddis looks like something that would fight Godzilla in a 1970's Japanese monster movie.   In addition to its large size, the October Caddis is unique due to its burnt orange color...

  • October Caddis Pupa

    October Caddis Pupa

    Like a massive orange submarine lurking beneath the surface of the water, the October Caddis are the giants of the North American Caddis.  One of the last major hatches of many Western streams and rivers, the October caddis pupa are sizable,...

  • Parachute Caddis

    Parachute Caddis

    Don't let the name of this pattern fool you and make you think that it is only effective during the caddis hatch!  The Parachute Caddis is one of our favorite and most versatile crossover patterns, and can be fished with equal success as either an...

24 of 29 Items