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Golden Mayfly Patterns

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  • Tan AP Nymph Black AP Nymph

    AP Nymph

    The "AP" in AP Nymph stands for "All Purpose" and that is truly the case when it comes to this ultra-versatile generalist pattern.  When fished in different sizes and colors, the AP Nymph can be used to imitate almost every species of mayfly and...

  • Beadhead Flashback Hare's Ear (Natural) Beadhead Flashback Hare's Ear (Dark Olive)

    Beadhead Flashback Hare's Ear

    If we could only fish two nymph patterns for the rest of our days on the water, one would be a Flashback Hare's Ear, and the second would be the Flashback Pheasant Tail.  This generalist nymph pattern is close enough in profile and color to a host...

  • Beadhead Soft Hackle Hare's Ear

    Beadhead Soft Hackle Hare's Ear

    Also know as the Guides Choice hares Ear Nymph, it is the soft hackle wrap on the that adds the final layer of realism to this already legendary pattern.  As this nymph drifts through the water, the wet hackle wrap flutters and kicks like the...

  • BXB Parachute Yellow Drake

    BXB Parachute Yellow Drake

    The Yellow Drake (Ephemera varia) is a massive mayfly that emgerges from Midwestern and Eastern streams each fall.  Unlike other mayflies in the Ephemera family, which hatch from the water in a flurry over a week, the Yellow Drake will emerge...

  • Goldbead Poxyback PMD

    Goldbead Poxyback PMD

    The nymph life cycle of the Pale Morning Dun is actively preyed upon by trout in both Eastern and Western rivers.  Known to take multiple "practice runs" between the bottom of the river and the surface before committing to emergence, trout will feed...

  • Olive Greg's Emerger PMD Greg's Emerger Black Greg's Emerger Grey Greg's Emerger

    Greg's Emerger

    The closest legal alternative to fishing with dynamite during a mayfly hatch, the Greg's Emerger is - hands down - our favorite mayfly emerger pattern.  Spot on in its imitation of a swimming mayfly nymph, the glass beadhead and hint of flashback...

  • Light Cahill CDC Comparadun

    Light Cahill CDC Comparadun

    With the name Light Cahill being applied to a number of different mayfly species across the country, having this pattern stocked in your box will enable you to cover a lot of water over a number of seasons.  The Light Cahill CDC Comparadun is a...

  • Matt's Baetis

    Matt's Baetis

    The Matt's Baetis nymph pattern captures the true spirit of the Generalist in its ability to match a massive number of mayfly and stonefly species.  The slender abdomen, well-defined tail, and flexible legs all add to the lifelike appearance and...

  • Parachute PMD

    Parachute PMD

    After the BWO hatch each spring, the Pale Morning Dun or PMD is the next major mayfly hatch for streams and rivers across the West.  If you are looking for a highly visible, go-to pattern to match the Adult PMD, go no further than the Parachute...

  • Sure Shot

    Sure Shot

    A Bumble Bee, a Wasp, A Yellow Jacket, or just some crazy looking Mayfly, regardless of what the Sure Shot was intended to be it sure matches a lot of trout foods! Similar in profile to the Humpy and the Royal Wulff , the Sure Shot is a quintessential...

10 of 10 Items