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Match-the-Hatch Tools

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  • Clip & Flip Fly Fishing Magnifier Glasses

    Clip & Flip Fly Fishing Magnifier Glasses 2.5

    If threading your 6x tippet through a size 24 hook-eye is starting to become an issue, maybe it is time to invest in some Clip & Flip Magnifier Glasses.  These glasses will clip to either your sunglasses or hat bill, flip down easily to as you...

  • Fly Fishing Magnifier and Hook Size Chart Fly Fishing Magnifier and Hook Size Chart Fly Fishing Magnifier and Hook Size Chart Fly Fishing Magnifier Waterproof Invertebrate Measurement Card

    Fly Fishing Invertebrate Magnifier

    This one-of-a-kind tool was created to help the fly fisher bridge the gap between the bugs they find on the water with the closest fly pattern  and hook size in their fly box.  It includes a compact, collapsible 5-power magnifier and a water...

  • River Oracle Fly Fishing Thermometer Fishing Thermometer

    Fly Fishing Thermometer

    Understanding and tracking water temperature allows the fly fisher to both find the spots where the fish are most actively feeding as well as anticipate the next hatch.  Trout are cold water fish, and will most actively feed and take a fly in water...

  • Fly Fishing Insect Sample Bottle Kit River Oracle Invertebrate Vials

    Invertebrate Sample Vials

    For the fly fisher, bug geek, and fly tyer looking to gain a deeper understanding of the hatch and which fly pattern to use, we offer our Invertebrate Sample Vials.  Use the vials to preserve, catalog,  or display the invertebrates you sample...

  • River Oracle Streamside Match the Hatch Kit Fly Fishing Match the Hatch Kit

    River Oracle Streamside Match the hatch Kit

    For the angler who is tired of “fishing harder” and is ready to “fish smarter” we bring you the River Oracle Streamside Match-The-Hatch Kit. Packed in a rip-stop nylon belt pouch, each Match-The-Hatch Kit...

  • River Oracle Sci-Fly Seine Sci-Fly Seine

    Sci-Fly Seine

    The cornerstone of being a successful fly fisher is the ability to identify the bugs in and on the water you are fishing with the flies in your box that match them.  The hatch is a moving target, and the bugs and the life stages that the fish are...

6 of 6 Items