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Moth Patterns

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  • Natural Elk Hair Caddis Olive Elk Hair Caddis Grey Elk Hair Caddis Black Elk Hair Caddis Pearl Elk Hair Caddis

    Elk Hair Caddis

    If we had only one dry fly pattern to fish for every caddis hatch and were given some allowance to change up the sizes and colors, we would without a doubt choose the Elk Hair Caddis.    The quintessential Generalist pattern, the Elk Hair...

  • Goddard Caddis

    Goddard Caddis

    Possibly the most realistic adult caddis pattern in the fly catalog, the Goddard Caddis mimics the natural in their unique wing shape all the way down to their long, distinctive antennas.  The slim profile and tightly packed deer hair of this...

  • Missing Link Caddis

    Missing Link Caddis

    The Missing Link Caddis has a complicated family tree.  The love child of a caddis and a mayfly, this crossover pattern fishes just as effectively as an emerging or adult caddis fly as it does as a drifting mayfly or spawned out spinner.  When...

  • Parachute Caddis

    Parachute Caddis

    Don't let the name of this pattern fool you and make you think that it is only effective during the caddis hatch!  The Parachute Caddis is one of our favorite and most versatile crossover patterns, and can be fished with equal success as either an...

  • Parachute White Miller

    Parachute White Miller

    White Drakes, White Flies, or White Millers, whatever the name they might go by in your neck of the woods, the importance of the Ephoron family to both trout and the fly fisher stretches from the Midwest to the East Coast.  Typically...

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