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True-Fly Patterns

  • Trout Chow Fly

    1%er (Trout Chow Fly)

    The 1%er or Trout Chow fly is seen as an abomination by many, and gets its name because this is how the rich elite anglers get their big fish on private water, they feed them trout chow!  We are all in agreement, fishing with a trout chow...

  • Albino Hex

    Albino Hex

    The queen of North American mayflies, the Hexegenia or Hex mayfly is only outclassed in size by one other species.  Found across the United States burrowed into the silty bottoms of lakes and large rivers, the Hex mayfly nymphs will emerge to...

  • Alt Krust

    Alt Krust

    We'll be honest: we have no idea where the name Alt Krust originated, but this tungsten beadheaded version of the Breadcrust fly pattern is a must have! An excellent imitation of both the cased caddis life stage and the freshly emerged caddis pupa,...

  • Rust Ant Black Ant Rust & Black Ant


    While small in stature, what ants and termites lack in size, they make up for in numbers.  Each summer, across the United States, when the stars align and the temperature is right, ants will swarm and take flight.  Both flying ants and their...

  • Olive Bachmann's Damsel Nymph Tan Bachmann's Damsel Nymph

    Bachmann's Damsel Nymph

    Sharing the same backwater and lake habitat with their larger cousins the Dragonflies, the Damselfly Nymphs are often found in the water in large numbers.  Because the adults are so accomplished at flying and rarely fall in the water, the Damselfly...

  • Beadhead Hellgrammite

    Beadhead Hellgrammite

    The pissed off larva of the dobsonfly, Hellgrammites are a common invertebrate species found in both East and West coast trout streams.  Ready to give the unwary angler seining the water a bite with its strong jaws, this juicy larva pattern is sure...

  • Beadhead Juju Yellow Sally Nymph

    Beadhead Juju Yellow Sally

    The Beadhead Juju Yellow Sally is a flashy little stonefly nymph that expertly mimics the thin abdomen and brightly colored yellow body, and prominent split tail of juvenile Yellow Sally, Golden, and Early Brown Stonefly nymphs! Anglers...

  • Orange Beadhead Loop Egg Pink Beadhead Loop Egg Red Beadhead Loop Egg

    Beadhead Loop Egg

    Eggs are a trout favorite, as they are one of the first major meals available to trout after ice off as well as one of the last chances to pack on weight before the lean winter months.  During the spawn, all trout will actively feed on eggs...

  • Beadhead Mini Leech - Black Beadhead Mini Leech - Olive Beadhead Mini Leech - Rust Beadhead Mini Leech - Natural

    Beadhead Mini Leech

    First tied to target the ultra-selective trophy trout of Colorado’s South Platte River, the Beadhead Mini Leech is an understated, micro leech pattern that can be stripped of dead drifted with equally deadly effect. At Ascent Fly Fishing we've...

  • Beadhead Mop Fly - Tan Beadhead Mop Fly - Olive Beadhead Mop Fly - Chartreuse

    Beadhead Mop Fly

    Like a juicy slice of prime rib for trout, the crane fly larva can grow as large as your pinkie finger and represents a huge meal to a hungry trout. Particularly productive in the early Spring through runoff, the Beadhead Mop Fly is an amazingly...

  • Rockroller Cased Caddis Larva

    Beadhead Rockroller

    The most realistic cased caddis larva fly pattern in the shop, the BH Rockroller is a spot on imitation of a host of caddis species!  Tied with combination of white, brown, black, and tan rubberleg material and finished with a black beadhead...

  • Red Beadhead San Juan Worm Pink Beadhead San Juan Worm Tan Beadhead San Juan Worm Purple Beadhead San Juan Worm

    Beadhead San Juan Worm

    As many of us learned as young children with a spinning reel or cane pole in hand, worms catch a lot of fish.  There are a number of worm species (both aquatic and terrestrial) that fish will actively pursue when given the chance.  Worm...

  • Red Beadhead Squirmy Worm Pink Beadhead Squirmy Worm Beadhead Squirmy Worm

    Beadhead Squirmy Worm

    Flicking its tail in a "come hither" like motion and weighted with a brass bead, the Beadhead Squirmy Worm is a sexy pattern that trout everywhere can't help check out and take a bite.  The rubber tubing flips and wriggles as it bounces...

  • Beadhead Woven Net Spinning Caddis Larva

    Beadhead Woven Net Spinning Caddis Larva

    Mirroring the segmented body, dark back, and creamy gill covered belly of the actual net spinning caddis, the Beadhead Woven Net Spinning Caddis Larva is a precisely tied fly pattern that will even fool a lonely caddis larva in the water!  The...

  • Black Caddis Selection

    Black Caddis Selection

    Several caddis species share the common moniker "Black Caddis" (or "Mother's Day Caddis"), and can be found hatching throughout spring and summer.  While some western states such as Montana and Idaho have been blessed with black caddis hatches of...

    $18.50 - $48.50
  • Black Tent Wing Caddis

    Black Tent Wing Caddis

    Used to match a wide spread of black caddis species from coast to coast, the Black Tent Wing Caddis in an ultra realistic dry fly pattern used to match the adult caddis fly.  With black caddis regularly covering waters in blanket hatches throughout...

  • Black Winter Stone

    Black Winter Stone

    In the cold, wet winter when long hours of nymph fishing can get old, the Black Winter Stone Hatch (Capniidae) provides a welcome piece of dry fly action!  Small in stature, these dark grey to black stoneflies crawl from the river to mate on snow...

  • Bloodworm Emerger

    Bloodworm Emerger

    A midge emerger from another mother, the Bloodworm Emerger is a mix of tried and true patterns like the mole fly and quill emerger with a dash of fire! Trout porpoising through the top of the water, fins and snouts just clipping through the surface is a...

  • Blue Winged Olive Mayfly Selection

    Blue Winged Olive Mayfly Selection

    The Blue Winged Olive Mayfly is one of the most prolific mayfly families in the United States and can be found on rivers and streams at every elevation and in almost every state.  This mayfly family will often have two generations per year, with...

    $18.50 - $63.50
  • Blue Braided Butt Damsel Olive Braided Butt Damsel

    Braided Butt Damsel

    A common invertebrate family found on lakes and backwaters from sea level to above 10,000 feet, the bright blues and greens of the adult damselfly should catch the attention of feeding trout, panfish, or bass in your favorite summer fishing...

  • BTS Mysis

    BTS Mysis

    A resident of a number of lakes and reservoirs across the Rockies and Western US, Mysis Shrimp are a key forage species supporting some of the most productive lake and tailwater trout fisheries.  These opaque, semi-translucent, protein-rich shrimp...

  • Olive BTS Scud Tan BTS Scud Pink BTS Scud Orange BTS Scud

    BTS Scud

    Though often confused with fresh water shrimp, scud are among a family of "side swimmers" and are a key staple in the diet of trophy trout in both lakes and rivers. Varying in color from olive to pink, these protein-packed crustaceans try to stay close...

  • BWO CDC Pearlwing Spinner

    BWO CDC Pearlwing Spinner

    Without a doubt, the most important moving water mayfly species in the trout's diet is the Blue Winged Olive (BWO).  With numbers topping thousands of BWO nymphs per square meter on the bottom of many of our rivers, and as many as two generations of...

  • BWO Parachute Emerger

    BWO Parachute Emerger

    The little Blue Winged Olive (BWO) mayfly of the family baetidae are arguably the most important moving-water mayfly hatch for both the trout and the fly angler.  Capable of producing two generations per year, the BWO's high level of activity...