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Beetle Patterns

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  • Fat Albert

    Fat Albert

    Often the biggest and baddest bug in the fly box, the Fat Albert might need a row all to itself.  The titanic of terrestrial patterns, this fly is truly unsinkable!  Whether you are fishing in Patagonia, the Rocky Mountains, or Alaska, the Fat...

  • Black Flying Ant Rust Flying Ant Black & Rust Flying Ant

    Flying Ant

    While small in stature, what ants and termites lack in size, they make up for in numbers.  Each summer, across the United States, when the stars align and the temperature is right, ants will swarm and take flight.  Both flying ants and their...

  • Foam Beetle

    Foam Beetle

    An often-overlooked family of flies, there are thousands of species of aquatic and terrestrial beetles present in and around trout waters.  A fish equivalant to peanut butter M&Ms, these buoyant dry fly patterns are a trout favorite.  While...

  • Terrestrial Insect Selection

    Terrestrial Insect Selection

    The broadest definition of a "Terrestrial" is any land-born animal or insect.  As far as food sources for trout are concerned, this selection covers the big 5 terrestrial food groups of ants, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, and cicadas.   When...

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4 of 4 Items