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Dry Mayfly Patterns

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  • Royal Coachman

    Royal Coachman

    Like The jealous younger sibling of the Royal Wulff, the Royal Coachman  is in a stiff competition to be the most productive Attractor Mayfly nymph on the water! An obnoxious concoction of red floss, over-sized hen wings, peacock...

  • Split Case BWO

    Split Case BWO

    Equipped with a "Hot Spot" wing pad, the subtle olive foam on the back of the Split Case BWO  imitates the light olive body for the adult Blue Winged Olive mayfly just starting to split from its shuck and emerge!  While the olive foam back...

  • Parachute Greg's Emerger - BWO Parachute Greg's Emerger - Grey Parachute Greg's Emerger - PMD Parachute Greg's Emerger - Black

    Greg's Parachute Emerger

    The closest legal alternative to fishing with dynamite during a mayfly hatch, the Parachute Greg's Emerger is - hands down - our favorite dry mayfly emerger pattern.  Spot on in its imitation of mayfly struggling through the surface of the...

  • Sure Shot

    Sure Shot

    A Bumble Bee, a Wasp, A Yellow Jacket, or just some crazy looking Mayfly, regardless of what the Sure Shot was intended to be it sure matches a lot of trout foods! Similar in profile to the Humpy and the Royal Wulff , the Sure Shot is a quintessential...

  • Grey Fox

    Grey Fox

    Invented by tied by legendary fly tyer and angler Preston Jennings, the Grey Fox has been the bane of trout in the Catskill mountains for more than a generation and has recently begun catching on with Rocky Mountain and West Coast anglers as well. A...

  • Irresistible Adams

    Irresistible Adams

    The overweight member of the Adams dry fly family, the Irresistible Adams is just too big of a meal for most trout to pass up! While copying the wing and tail of the traditional Adams dry fly, the Irresistible Adams is tied with a stacked deer hair body...

  • Parachute Blue Dun

    Parachute Blue Dun

    Holding its head and abdomen close to the water, and its wings high aloft, the Parachute Blue Dun is an excellent fly pattern when matching the Black Quill, Blue Quill, Hendrickson, Callibaetis, and Ginger Quill Mayfly hatches.  While this fly...

  • Female Adams

    Female Adams

    A unique fly matching one of the most vulnerable ad productive life-cycles of the Mayfly, the Female Adams imitates the egg-laying spinner that has just returned to the surface of the water. While sharing many of the physical characteristics that make...

  • Hi Vis Parachute Pale Morning Dun

    Hi Vis Parachute PMD

    After the BWO hatch each spring, the Pale Morning Dun or PMD is the next major mayfly hatch for streams and rivers across the West.  If you are looking for a highly visible, go-to pattern to match the Adult PMD, go no further than the Hi-Vis...

  • High Visibility Parachute BWO

    Hi Vis Parachute BWO

    Depending on where you live, a number of different mayflies might share the name of Blue Winged Olive (BWO), but the vast majority of the time it is the size 16-24 family of Baetis that is being referred to.  With hundreds of patterns both...

  • Hi Vis Parachute Adams

    Hi Vis Parachute Adams

    If we were only allowed to fish one dry mayfly pattern for the rest of our days on the water, that pattern would be the Parachute Adams.  If we were then asked how we could make this incredible pattern even better, we would show you the Hi Vis...

  • H & L Variant

    H & L Variant

    The H & L Variant is a high floating, traditional dry fly that has been fooling trout for more than 60 years.  While sharing many characteristics with the Royal Wulff, the muted colors and overstated wings of the H & L Variant allow it to...

  • Parachute Sulphur Emerger

    Parachute Sulphur Emerger

    One of the first and most prolific mayfly hatches each spring in the upper Midwest, Appalachia, and New England, the trout wake from their winter stupor to pursue these emerging sulphur mayflies with gusto!  While often overlooked and under fished,...

  • Parachute White Miller

    Parachute White Miller

    White Drakes, White Flies, or White Millers, whatever the name they might go by in your neck of the woods, the importance of the Ephoron family to both trout and the fly fisher stretches from the Midwest to the East Coast.  Typically...

  • Green Drake Sparkle Dun

    Green Drake Sparkle Dun

    Among the largest moving water mayfly species in the western US, the Green Drake dwarfs other mayfly species when it emerges each summer.  Due to the size of its wings and the time needed to stretch and dry them during their emergence, the Green...

  • Hendrickson Sparkle Dun

    Hendrickson Sparkle Dun

    One of the first and most prolific mayfly hatches each spring in the upper Midwest, Appalachia, and New England, the trout wake from their winter stupor to pursue these emerging Hendrickson mayflies with gusto!  While often overlooked and under...

  • Sulphur Sparkle Dun

    Sulphur Sparkle Dun

    The Sulphur Mayfly is among the most notable and eagerly anticipated (by both trout and the fly angler) late spring to early summer hatches for the whole Eastern seaboard.  The frantic emerger working its way through the surface of the water is one...

  • Trico Sparkle Dun

    Trico Sparkle Dun

    A common summer through fall mayfly hatch throughout most of the US, the small-statured Trico mayflies will emerge in such numbers that they will commonly blanket the waters from which they hatch!  During these abundant hatches, trout will actively...

  • PMD Sparkle Dun

    PMD Sparkle Dun

    While present throughout the US, the Pale Morning Dun (PMD) is most prolific and considered a vital food source for trout out west.  Usually emerging from the water in the morning and again at dusk, the PMD Sparkle Dun floats low in the water and is...

  • BWO Sparkle Dun

    BWO Sparkle Dun

    The little Blue Winged Olive (BWO) mayfly of the family baetidae is arguably the most important moving-water mayfly hatch for both the trout and the fly angler.  Capable of producing two generations per year, the BWO's high level of activity...

  • Albino Hex

    Albino Hex

    The queen of North American mayflies, the Hexegenia or Hex mayfly is only outclassed in size by one other species.  Found across the United States burrowed into the silty bottoms of lakes and large rivers, the Hex mayfly nymphs will emerge to...

  • March Brown Pearlwing Spinner

    March Brown Pearlwing Spinner

    While most prominent in the central and eastern United States, the March Brown will also be found in many western streams and rivers, stretching as far north as Alaska.  The common name of March Brown is a little deceptive as the largest and...

  • Parachute March Brown Emerger

    Parachute March Brown Emerger

    Since the nymph of the March Brown Mayfly spends its aquatic life cycle burrowed into the bottom of the streambed, it is during the emergence that fish get their first shot at eating these tasty trout treats!  The Parachute March Brown Emerger sits...

  • March Brown

    March Brown

    Beautifully imitating the adult March Brown mayfly down to the yellow ribbed segments along its abdomen, the March Brown dry fly is tied specifically to match this important trout forage species.  While they emerge at dusk, the adult March Brown...

24 of 69 Items