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Salmonfly Patterns

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  • Dark Wired Stone Golden Wired Stone

    Beadhead Wired Stone

    One of the heaviest stonefly nymph patterns in the fly shop, the Wired Stone pattern packs on the weight with metal beadheads and thick wraps of wire. This heavy metal Wired Stone is a quick sinker, and will drop your nymphing rig straight to the bottom...

  • Purple Chubby Chernobyl Tan Chubby Chernobyl Brown Chubby Chernobyl Red Chubby Chernobyl Green Chubby Chernobyl

    Chubby Chernobyl

    Known for its durability and long life even after a score of fish, the Chubby Chernobyl is both versatile and deadly.  Tied with a foam body, antron wings, and rubber legs, this pattern is equally effective when fished as an adult stone fly or as a...

  • Yellow Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph Brown Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph Black Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph Olive Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph

    Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph

    The Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph is a heavy metal pattern intended to sink quickly into the zone where fish are holding on the bottom of the river.  Whether you are fishing a big freestone river, looking for a heavy fly to plumb the depths of a...

  • Dry Stonefly Selection

    Dry Stonefly Selection

    Dry stonefly patterns are by far one of the most fun patterns to fish!  These "steaks of the river" offer feeding trout a shot at a big chunk of protein and cause them to strike with explosive force so as not to miss these floating treats...

    $21.00 - $58.50
  • Ian's Parachute Black Stone

    Ian's Parachute Black Stone

    Tied to get down and dirty, riding low across the water with its rubber legs paddling just through the surface, Ian’s Parachute Black Stone is one amazingly realistic stonefly pattern! Lacking the hackle wrap of the more common stimulator, this low...

  • Yellow & Black Pat's Rubber Legs Brown & Black Pat's Rubber Legs Yellow & Black Pat's Rubber Legs Olive & Black Pat's Rubber Legs Brown Pat's Rubber Legs

    Pat's Rubber Legs

    While to the untrained eye, the Pat's Rubber Legs (regionally also known as “The Pickle” or “Cat Poop”) look to the angler like little more than a pipe cleaner with legs, but to the trout it looks like a big juicy steak...

  • Pheasant Tail Nymph Olive Pheasant Tail Nymph Black Pheasant Tail Nymph

    Pheasant Tail Nymph

    While there are no secret patterns that are guaranteed to catch fish every time you are on the water, the closest thing to it would be the Pheasant Tail Nymph.  This generalist nymph pattern is close enough in color to a host of invertebrate species...

  • Salmonfly Selection

    Salmonfly Selection

    The stonefly genus of Pteronarcys could have come straight out of a Japanese monster movie taking on Godzilla in a fight to the death!  Known regionally as the Salmonfly or Giant Black Stonefly, these massive nymphs of crawl out of the river each...

    $20.00 - $35.75
  • Sofa Pillow

    Sofa Pillow

    Among the largest dry flies in the angler's arsenal, the Sofa Pillow ca be used to match the adult life stage of several stonefly species.  The species that this pattern most closely represents is the Giant Salmonfly, which inhabits many Western...

  • Orange Stimulator Yellow Stimulator Olive Stimulator


    If we had to choose one fly pattern with which to fish any and all stonefly hatches, it would be the Stimulator.  Available in a number of sizes and colors, this generalist pattern is super buoyant, has a great stonefly profile when viewed by a...

  • Brown Stonefly Nymph Brown Stonefly Nymph Black Stonefly Nymph Black Stonefly Nymph Golden Stonefly Nymph

    Stonefly Nymph

    With 10 families and 465 species of stoneflies crowding our North American waters, sometimes it is nice to just have a go-to pattern that can be used to match more bugs with fewer flies.  The Stonefly Nymph pattern is the quintessential nymph...

  • Stonefly Nymph Selection

    Stonefly Nymph Selection

    In streams and rivers full of tiny invertebrates, the stonefly nymphs look like something out of a 1970's Japanese Monster movie!  Like creatures rising from the primordial ooze, the stonefly nymphs crawl from the water to offer both the angler and...

    $21.00 - $66.00
12 of 12 Items