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Fly Fishing Tools

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  • 20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader 20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

    20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

    Whether you are trying to thread the eye of a size 4 streamer or a size 26 midge pattern, this handy device aligns tippet end and hook eye with a magnet to make threading a breeze.   Serious anglers need serious tools, not overpriced ones.

  • Carabiner Tape Measure Zinger Fishing Tape Measure

    Carabiner Tape Measure Zinger

    The River Oracle Carabiner Tape Measure Zinger is the perfect tool to help back your fish tales with some hard proof.  Measuring 40 inches or 101.6 cm, the tape is made from a waterproof polyester, and can be attached to your waders, pack or vest...

  • Clip & Flip Fly Fishing Magnifier Glasses

    Clip & Flip Fly Fishing Magnifier Glasses 2.5

    If threading your 6x tippet through a size 24 hook-eye is starting to become an issue, maybe it is time to invest in some Clip & Flip Magnifier Glasses.  These glasses will clip to either your sunglasses or hat bill, flip down easily to as you...

  • Double Zinger

    Double Zinger

    For the angler that has every tool, but not enough room in the vest, the Ascent Fly Fishing Double Zinger is the perfect accessory.  Its light-weight durable construction, dual cable retractors, and locking pin will keep a pair of essential tools in...

  • Loaded Floatant Holder Floatant Holder

    Floatant Holder

    Keep you dry fly floatant close at hand and don't waste a moment of the hatch with our dry fly floatant holder.  The floatant holder comes with a sturdy aluminum carabineer for easy attachment to your fly pack, waders, or vest, and will accommodate...

    $6.99 - $12.99
  • Fly Fishing Magnifier and Hook Size Chart Fly Fishing Magnifier and Hook Size Chart Fly Fishing Magnifier and Hook Size Chart Fly Fishing Magnifier Waterproof Invertebrate Measurement Card

    Fly Fishing Invertebrate Magnifier

    This one-of-a-kind tool was created to help the fly fisher bridge the gap between the bugs they find on the water with the closest fly pattern  and hook size in their fly box.  It includes a compact, collapsible 5-power magnifier and a water...

  • River Oracle Fly Fishing Thermometer Fishing Thermometer

    Fly Fishing Thermometer

    Understanding and tracking water temperature allows the fly fisher to both find the spots where the fish are most actively feeding as well as anticipate the next hatch.  Trout are cold water fish, and will most actively feed and take a fly in water...

  • Fly Fishing Insect Sample Bottle Kit River Oracle Invertebrate Vials

    Invertebrate Sample Vials

    For the fly fisher, bug geek, and fly tyer looking to gain a deeper understanding of the hatch and which fly pattern to use, we offer our Invertebrate Sample Vials.  Use the vials to preserve, catalog,  or display the invertebrates you sample...

  • Leader Straightener & Line Cleaner

    Leader Straightener & Line Cleaner

    Our Leader Straightener & Line Cleaner multi-tool is ultra durable and constructed from layered leather, rubber, and felt.  This tool is perfect for removing the kinks and coils from your leader and tippet, ensuring that each cast lays out...

  • Micro Fly Fishing Swivels

    Micro Fly Fishing Swivels

    Similar in function to Tippet Rings, the Micro Swivels help prevent line twist when throwing streamers and other large flies, but are still light enough to fish with dry flies without sinking them.  One of the best uses of the Micro Swivel...

  • Mitten Grip Forceps Mitten Grip Forceps

    Mitten Grip Forceps

    The Ascent Mitten Grip Forceps are a heavy duty, easy to use forceps that is built for the elements and to serve you for a lifetime on the water!  Constructed from stainless steel, its unique teardrop shape and spring loaded jaws allow it to be...

  • Nail-Knot Nipper Multi-Tool Nail-Knot Instructions

    Nail-Knot Nipper Multi-Tool

    We believe that if an angler is going to clip another tool to their vest, that tool should have multiple uses.  Our Nail-Knot Nipper is constructed from durable stainless steel that will hold its edge.  Each multi-tool includes a hook-eye...

  • Precision Grip Forceps

    Precision Grip Forceps

    These no-frills forceps are made to get the job done, and to do that job well. Our black anodized Precision Grip Forceps are crafted from stainless steel, are 6" long, and boast a three-finger loop to allow you to easily remove your fly from the largest...

  • Ascent Fly Fishing Quick-Grip Nipper Quick-Grip Nipper

    Quick-Grip Nipper

    These are some DAM SHARP NIPPER!  The Ascent Quick-Grip Nippers are constructed from surgical grade stainless steel and can hold their own against any overpriced designer brand nipper in the fly shop. Insulated in foam to ensure a tight grip, these...

  • Ascent Fly Fishing Quickdraw Forceps Quickdraw Forceps Quickdraw Forceps

    Quickdraw Forceps

    The Ascent Quickdraw Forceps is a heavy duty, wide grip hemostat that is built for the elements and to serve you for a lifetime on the water!  Constructed from black anodized stainless steel, the tight angles are engineered to accommodate all fly...

  • River Oracle Streamside Match the Hatch Kit Fly Fishing Match the Hatch Kit

    River Oracle Streamside Match the hatch Kit

    For the angler who is tired of “fishing harder” and is ready to “fish smarter” we bring you the River Oracle Streamside Match-The-Hatch Kit. Packed in a rip-stop nylon belt pouch, each Match-The-Hatch Kit...

  • River Oracle Sci-Fly Seine Sci-Fly Seine

    Sci-Fly Seine

    The cornerstone of being a successful fly fisher is the ability to identify the bugs in and on the water you are fishing with the flies in your box that match them.  The hatch is a moving target, and the bugs and the life stages that the fish are...

  • Single Fly Fishing Zinger

    Single Zinger

    When you want to keep your tools close to the chest, there is no better accessory than Ascent Fly Fishing's Single Zinger.  Its light-weight durable construction and locking pin will keep your tools in place and ready for action! Serious anglers...

  • Aluminum Tippet Holder Aluminum Tippet Holder

    Tippet Holder

    A great tool for cleaning out the fly vest and getting your tippet organized,  Ascent Fly Fishing's tippet holder is constructed from light-weight aluminum, can easily clip to vest or pack, and store between 5-8 spools of tippet. Serious anglers...

  • Tippet Rings How to Use Tippet Rings How to Build a Czech Nymph Leader

    Tippet Rings

    Tippet rings are an excellent tool for the angler looking to extend the life of their leaders and save time on the water.  These 2mm stainless steel rings can be tied to your fly fishing leader or fishing line with a standard improved clinch knot...

  • Ty-Rite Junior Ty-Rite Fly Fishing Tool Ty-Rite Instructions

    Ty-Rite Junior

    Are you tired of dropping and losing flies?  Are you wasting time fumbling with small pattern while trying to tie them on your line?  If so, the Ty-Rite Junior is the tool you have been looking for.  Similar in size and feel to a standard...

22 of 22 Items