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Euro & Tungsten Beadhead Nymphs

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  • Alt Krust

    Alt Krust

    We'll be honest: we have no idea where the name Alt Krust originated, but this tungsten beadheaded version of the Breadcrust fly pattern is a must have! An excellent imitation of both the cased caddis life stage and the freshly emerged caddis pupa,...

  • Green/Orange Czech Mate Hare/Red Czech Mate Hare/Cream Czech Mate

    Czech Mate

    Tied in the traditional Czech Nymph style, our Czech Mate pattern sports a tungsten bead buried inside of its head to get this fly down deep where trout like to lay along the bottom of the river.  Tied to a curved scud hook, the Czech Mate is...

  • Blue Deep Poison Tung Purple Deep Poison Tung Copper Deep Poison Tung Green & Black Deep Poison Tung Black & Silver Deep Poison Tung

    Deep Poison Tung

    Midges are the most prolific and important food for trout in many waters.  This diverse and abundant family is made up of almost 17,000 species, and is a 4-season favorite for trout.  While small in stature, the Deep Poison Tung fly pattern...

  • Dirty Hipster

    Dirty Hipster

    The Tungsten Jigged Dirty Hipster is a no nonsense little stonefly nymph that kicks and flips through the water like a desperate stonefly nymph that has lost it's perch on the bottom of the river. The white and black legs and red typed abdomen of this...

  • Yellow Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph Brown Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph Black Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph Olive Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph

    Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph

    The Double Beadhead Stonefly Nymph is a heavy metal pattern intended to sink quickly into the zone where fish are holding on the bottom of the river.  Whether you are fishing a big freestone river, looking for a heavy fly to plumb the depths of a...

  • Tungsten Jigged Glass Body CDL Drake

    Glass Body CDL Drake

    Imitating one of the largest species of mayflies found in the rivers from the Rocky Mountains to the West Coast, the Glass Body CDL Drake is a ultra realistic imitation of the Western Green Drake Nymph!  Big and clumsy, and often washed out of its...

  • Olive Egan's GTI Caddis Grub Cream Egan's GTI Caddis Grub

    GTI Caddis Grub

    Tied in the traditional Czech Nymph style, the GTI Caddis Grub is topped with a tungsten beadhead helping it to dive deep into the zone where fish like to hold on the bottom of the river.  Tied to a curved scud hook, the GTI Caddis Grub is intended...

  • Knuckle Dragger Golden Stonefly Nymph

    Knuckle Dragger Golden Stone

    A super active imitating of the Golden Stonefly Nymph, the yellow rubber legs of the Knuckle Dragger Golden Stone seductively kick like a Rockette as it bounces and swims down the river!  Big and clumsy, and often washed out of its rocky refuge on...

  • Knuckle Dragger Green Drake

    Knuckle Dragger Green Drake

    An acrobatic imitating of the Western Green Drake Mayfly nymph, the yellow rubber legs of the Knuckle Dragger Green Drake seductively kick like a Rockette as it bounces and swims down the river!  Big and clumsy, and often washed out of its rocky...

  • OG Krush

    OG Krush

    The OG Krush is every trout’s favorite breakfast omelet with topped with an orange tungsten egg head and finished off with the body of a nymph! Tied on a jig hook and wrapped in a light natural dubbing, the OG Krush isn’t a pattern that trout...

  • Dad Bod Nymph - Side View Dad Bod Nymph - Bottom View PS Dad Bod

    PS Dad Bod

    “Dad Bods are hot right now!” While the Dad jokes almost write themselves on the river with this pattern, this double beadhead nymph pattern is no laughing matter when it comes to catching trout! This fly is a little scruffy up top, sporting...

  • PS Dirty French Kiss PS Dirty French Kiss Fly Blueprint

    PS Dirty French Kiss

    The darker version of the PS French Kiss fly pattern, the Dirty French Kiss is a punk rock fly that is always ready to GET DOWN with any trout!  White wings and tails stand out from its dark body, and it is crowned with a hot collar and...

  • PS French Kiss PS French Kiss Fly Blueprint

    PS French Kiss

    Like a middle school boy going in for their first kiss, this fly is a bit over eager and goes in deep with the TUNG.  This fly stands out from the crowd with its poppin hot collar, rubber wings, and bright white tails, as it dances through the water...

  • Riffle Drifter Perdigon - Green/Papaya Riffle Drifter Perdigon - Olive

    Riffle Drifter Perdigon

    The Tungsten Jig Riffle Drifter Perdigon cuts through the water like a torpedo and is the uncontested favorite fly pattern of most competition Euro Nymphing anglers! The bodybuilder of the perdigon family, the Riffle Drifter has an oversized...

  • Spanish Bullet Perdigon

    Spanish Bullet Perdigon

    The Tungsten Spanish Bullet is a killer variation of the Perdigon that shoots through the water like a bullet from a gun.  The combination of the tungsten beadhead and UV resin coated body reduces friction in the water, while the...

  • Tan Tung Teaser

    Tung Teaser

    Equally effective as a mayfly or small stonefly nymph, the Tung Teaser is a heavy metal crossover pattern and a proven fish catcher!  Combining all of the elements of other top patterns like the body of the pheasant tail nymph, the biot tails of the...

  • Tungsten Beadhead CDC Hares Ear

    Tungsten Beadhead CDC Hare's Ear

    A new and deadly take on one of our all-time favorite nymph patterns, the Tungsten Beadhead CDC Hares Ear can be used to match almost any mayfly and stonefly nymph when fished in a couple of sizes!  Tied with a tungsten bead that is 2x heavier...

  • Tungsten Beadhead CDC Pheasant Tail

    Tungsten Beadhead CDC Pheasant Tail

    A new and deadly take on what was already one of the most effective fly patterns in the angler's arsenal, the Tungsten Beadhead CDC Pheasant Tail (also known as "The Oprah") takes nymphing to a whole new level!  Tied with a tungsten bead that is 2x...

  • Tungsten Beadhead Prince Nymph

    Tungsten Beadhead Prince Nymph

    While the Tungsten Beadhead Prince Nymph in its various forms has the profile of a mayfly or stonefly nymph, that is where the resemblance ends.  Contrasting red and white goose biots, gold wire wrapped over a peacock body, and metal head come...

  • Tungsten Beadhead Selection

    Tungsten Beadhead Selection

    Turn your old Pantera cd up to 10, and get ready for a little Heavy Metal Fly Fishing!  2 times as heavy as brass, and 1.5 times heavier than lead by size, incorporating tungsten beadheads into your larva, nymph, and pupa fly patterns will help you...

    $18.50 - $54.40
  • Green Tungsten Franken Larva Tan Tungsten Franken Larva

    Tungsten Franken Larva (Double Beadhead)

    The Franken Larva is an EXTRA HEAVY METAL version of the tried and true Czech Nymph. Stacked with DOUBLE TUNGSTEN BEADS, a thick, juicy segmented body, and an understated little flashback, this is one of the heaviest nymphs on the market and can be...

  • Tungsten Jig Alt Rocker - Ginger / Brown Tungsten Jig Alt Rocker - Green

    Tungsten Jig Alt Rocker

    The Tungsten Jig Alt Rocker is a perdigon style euro nymph that cuts through the water like a disco ball coated tornedo!  Topped with a tungsten beadhead and sparkle flash collar, the weight of this fly is balanced out by the alternating colored...

  • Tungsten Jigged Blow Torch Fly Pattern

    Tungsten Jig Blow Torch

    The Tungsten Jig Blow Torch catches so many fish it is almost too hot to handle! This pattern is all about contract and standing out from its drab surroundings as it drifts down the river. Equipped with a hot collar, a flashy mylar rip, and a...

  • Tungsten Jig Caddis Larva - Green Tungsten Jig Caddis Larva - Chartreuse Tungsten Jig Caddis Larva - Yellow

    Tungsten Jig Caddis Larva

    A staple of in EVERY Euro & Czech Nympher’s fly box, the Tungsten Jig Caddis Larva hits the water like a big hair 80’s Rocker – tight, flashy, and packing some heavy metal! Tied on a competition style barbless jig hook and topped...

24 of 43 Items