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Standard Nymphs

  • Red 2-Bead WD-40 Green 2-Bead WD-40 Grey 2-Bead WD-40

    2-Bead WD-40

    Similar to the household lubricant from which this pattern derives its name, the WD-40 works anytime and everywhere!  The profile of this fly and the various colors in which it is available make it one of the most versatile patterns, able...

  • 3D Epoxy Black Fly Larva

    3D Epoxy Black Fly Larva

    With 418 species of black fly populating the US and Canada, these species are found in large numbers at every elevation.  The 3D Epoxy Black Fly Larva enables the fly angler to effectively fish most trout waters.  The contrasting white rib and...

  • 3D Epoxy Bloodworm

    3D Epoxy Bloodworm

    Buried in the mud and silt of trout lakes and rivers across the continent are an army of midge and chironomid larva.  In order to survive in these low oxygen conditions, many of these midges produce more oxygen-carrying hemoglobin protein, which...

  • Tan AP Nymph Black AP Nymph

    AP Nymph

    The "AP" in AP Nymph stands for "All Purpose" and that is truly the case when it comes to this ultra-versatile generalist pattern.  When fished in different sizes and colors, the AP Nymph can be used to imitate almost every species of mayfly and...

  • Barr's Emerger Blue Winged Olive Barr's Emerger Pale Morning Dun

    B's Emerger

    The B's Emerger has earned its stripes in the field and on the water, making it one of the most popular and effective mayfly emerger patterns on the market.  Tied small in olive or cream, the B's Emerger is one of our favorite patterns for matching...

  • Olive Bachmann's Damsel Nymph Tan Bachmann's Damsel Nymph

    Bachmann's Damsel Nymph

    Sharing the same backwater and lake habitat with their larger cousins the Dragonflies, the Damselfly Nymphs are often found in the water in large numbers.  Because the adults are so accomplished at flying and rarely fall in the water, the Damselfly...

  • Better Buckskin

    Better Buckskin

    A newer and flashier version of the traditional buckskin caddis larva, we've added a flashback to the Better Buckskin in order to make this pattern pop in the water and seduce the predator nature of the trout.   Dry/Wet:  Wet Fly...

  • Black Beauty

    Black Beauty

    While not much to look at, the slim black profile and contrasting wire rib of the Black Beauty has proven to be the downfall of more trout than we can count.  With almost 17,000 species of midge crowding our North American waters, when fished in...

  • Blue Winged Olive Mayfly Selection

    Blue Winged Olive Mayfly Selection

    The Blue Winged Olive Mayfly is one of the most prolific mayfly families in the United States and can be found on rivers and streams at every elevation and in almost every state.  This mayfly family will often have two generations per year, with...

    $18.50 - $63.50
  • BTS Mysis

    BTS Mysis

    A resident of a number of lakes and reservoirs across the Rockies and Western US, Mysis Shrimp are a key forage species supporting some of the most productive lake and tailwater trout fisheries.  These opaque, semi-translucent, protein-rich shrimp...

  • Olive BTS Scud Tan BTS Scud Pink BTS Scud Orange BTS Scud

    BTS Scud

    Though often confused with fresh water shrimp, scud are among a family of "side swimmers" and are a key staple in the diet of trophy trout in both lakes and rivers. Varying in color from olive to pink, these protein-packed crustaceans try to stay close...

  • Buckskin


    Simple but effective, the Buckskin (often known as the Buckskin Nymph) is a killer caddis larva pattern that consistently produces fish on lakes and rivers across the US.  Particularly effective at tricking highly selective or skittish fish, the...

  • CDC Chironomid Emerger

    CDC Chironomid Emerger

    A similar pattern to the Mosquito Emerger and the Hanging Midge patterns, the CDC Chironomid Emerger is suspended horizontally across the surface of the water to imitate the final emergence of a midge leaving the water for the first time...

  • Grey CDC Loopwing Emerger Black CDC Loopwing Emerger Olive CDC Loopwing Emerger

    CDC Loopwing Emerger

    The CDC Loopwing Emerger is our go-to pattern when covering the emerger life cycle of the midge family.  Available in multiple colors and sizes, the CDC Loopwing Emerger will cover a host of waters, midge species, and seasons with its...

  • Tan Chewee Caddis Emerger Cinnamon Chewee Caddis Emerger Olive Chewee Caddis Emerger

    Chewee Caddis Emerger

    Similar in tie and material to the Barr's Graphic Caddis, the Chewee Caddis Emerger mimics the natural caddis in shape, color, and even texture when chomped on by a feeding trout.  Tied in a number of sizes and colors, the Chewee Caddis Emerger...

  • Tan Chewee Cranefly Larva Olive Chewee Cranefly Larva

    Chewee Cranefly Larva

    Like hotdogs for trout, the cranefly larva can grow as large as your pinkie finger and represents a huge meal for a hungry trout.  Particularly productive in the early Spring through runoff, the lead-wrapped interior of the Chewee Cranefly Larva...

  • Chocolate Thunder (Original - Chocolate Brown) Chocolate Thunder - Grey Chocolate Thunder - Dark Olive Chocolate Thunder - Purple

    Chocolate Thunder

    Born on the highly pressured and technical tailwaters of the South Platte River in Colorado, the Chocolate Thunder (aka. Foam Wing Emerger) is a super effective fly pattern for tempting shy trout!  Sharing many elements with other proven tailwater...

  • Colorado Caddis

    Colorado Caddis

    Tied with a fuller wing than the typical wet caddis pattern, the Colorado Caddis is intended to span both the emerging caddis life cycle as well as the egg-laying adult life cycle for caddis species that dive or crawl beneath the water to lay their eggs...

  • Crystal Blue Persuasion

    Crystal Blue Persuasion

    The blue chrome-colored body of the Crystal Blue Persuasion makes it stand out in the water as wella s among its midge peers with their muted greys, whites, blacks, browns, and greens.  Visible at a greater distance or in the lowest light,...

  • Damselfly Nymph

    Damselfly Nymph

    Sharing the same backwater and lake habitat with their larger cousins, the Dragonflies, the Damselfly Nymphs are often found in the water in large numbers.  Because the adults are so accomplished at flying and rarely fall in the water, the Damselfly...

  • Damselfly Selection

    Damselfly Selection

    The smaller cousin to the dragonfly, Damselflies are commonLY found in lakes and backwaters at every elevation.  Hatching throughout the summer, the adults can produce explosive strikes, while stripping the nymphs next to weedbeds or along the...

    $18.00 - $33.00
  • Darth Baetis - Olive Darth Baetis - Brown Darth Baetis - Grey

    Darth Baetis

    The “Force is strong” with the Darth Baetis pattern and so is its ability to stick trout! Tied to overpower the reserve of rebellious tailwater trout, the slender profile and subtle flash of this fly makes it a universal killer. If you are...

  • Green Diamond Teardrop Black Diamond Teardrop Red Diamond Teardrop

    Diamond Teardrop

    With a name like Diamond Teardrop, you should be able to tell that this pattern is going to be flashy!  Topped with a glass bead and wrapped with shiny black or green along its abdomen, the Diamond Teardrop is a killer attractor pattern intended to...

  • Pearl Disco Baetis Purple Disco Baetis Red Disco Baetis

    Disco Baetis

    Another pattern created by Ascent Bug Geek Peter Stitcher, the Disco Baetis has fast become one of our go-to fly patterns for tempting a bite out of reluctant trout!   A sexy mashup of the Disco Midge and Juju Baetis, the Disco Baetis is an...