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Standard Nymphs

  • Juju Yellow Sally Nymph

    Juju Yellow Sally

    The Juju Yellow Sally is a flashy little stonefly nymph that expertly mimics the thin abdomen and brightly colored yellow body, and prominent split tail of juvenile Yellow Sally, Golden, and Early Brown Stonefly nymphs! Anglers often get...

  • Miracle Nymph

    Miracle Nymph

    While it’s easy to get carried away in the fly shop and pack your boxes with a ton of different midge patterns, sometimes it’s best to just keep it simple with a tried-and-true pattern like the Miracle Nymph. Originally tied for the...

  • Red Floss Worm Pink Floss Worm Tan Floss Worm

    Floss Worm

    The thinner and more active little brother of the squirmy worm fly, the Floss Worm has all the aspirations of becoming a big worm someday but because trout love eating them so much, few will ever have the chance! Ties with a durable plastic floss and a...

  • Neon Nightmare Midge

    Neon Nightmare

    Tied with Neon pink thread form head to abdomen, the Neon Nightmare will almost glow in the dark it is so bright! A pure attractor pattern, this fly is visible to fish under the lowest light and through the murk of spring runoff. This amazing attractor...

  • Mini Leech Fly Pattern- Black Mini Leech Fly Pattern- Rust Mini Leech Fly Pattern- Olive Mini Leech Fly Pattern- Natural/Tan

    Mini Leech

    First tied to target the ultra-selective trophy trout of Colorado’s South Platte River, the Mini Leech is an understated, micro leech pattern that can be stripped of dead drifted with equally deadly effect. At Ascent Fly Fishing we've taken a solid...

  • Red Tailwater Assassin Black Tailwater Assassin

    Tailwater Assassin

    When it comes to the most potent and lethal midge patterns, oftentimes “less is more” and that is certainly the case with the Tailwater Assassin midge emerger! Thin as a blade, this thread midge is crowned with a small emergent wing and a...

  • MPMD Nymph

    MPMD Nymph

    A mayfly nymph from another mother, the MPMP Nymph is one of Ascent’s “secret weapon” Pale Morning Dun Mayfly Nymph we pull out when trout become warry of more common patterns and we’re looking to turn a day around! This fly...

  • Split Case PMD Nymph

    Split Case PMD

    Equipped with a "Hot Spot" wing pad, the bright yellow foam on the back of the Split Case PMD imitate the bright yellow body for the adult PMD mayfly just starting to split from its shuck and emerge!  Like cracking the refrigerator door in...

  • Loaded Emerger Fly Box - Includes 48 flies Loaded Emerger Fly Box - Includes 48 flies

    Loaded Emerger Fly Box

    Few life cycles are as vulnerable to feeding trout as the "emerger" and that means that emerger patterns are going to produce some of the most consistent action and greater numbers of fish in your net year-round!  Struggling to make it from the...

  • Zug Bug

    Zug Bug

    An oldie but a goodie, the Zug Bug has been hooking trout since before I was born! Sharing many of the elements of its cousin the prince nymph, the Zug Bug sports a light fanned wing and iridescent green peacock herl tail that have been the undoing of...

  • Darth Baetis - Olive Darth Baetis - Brown Darth Baetis - Grey

    Darth Baetis

    The “Force is strong” with the Darth Baetis pattern and so is its ability to stick trout! Tied to overpower the reserve of rebellious tailwater trout, the slender profile and subtle flash of this fly makes it a universal killer. If you are...

  • Grey Soft Hackle Sowbug Tan  Soft Hackle Sowbug Olive  Soft Hackle Sowbug Pink  Soft Hackle Sowbug

    Soft Hackle Sowbug

    If the Ray Charles is the party boy of the sowbug family, the Soft Hackle Sowbug is the overachieving, type-A big brother. This pattern is about more than just looking good, and the subtle flow and sway of the soft hackle collar is all business when it...

  • Pearl Disco Baetis Purple Disco Baetis Red Disco Baetis

    Disco Baetis

    Another pattern created by Ascent Bug Geek Peter Stitcher, the Disco Baetis has fast become one of our go-to fly patterns for tempting a bite out of reluctant trout!   A sexy mashup of the Disco Midge and Juju Baetis, the Disco Baetis is an...

  • Black Manhattan Midge Red Manhattan Midge

    Manhattan Midge

    If you are looking for a go to midge emerger with a proven record of fooling even the most selective trout, look no further than the Manhattan Midge! A true tailwater and spring creek killer, the Manhattan Midge has just the right amount of bling to pull...

  • Red Squirmy Worm Pink Squirmy Worm Tan Squirmy Worm

    Squirmy Worm

    Flicking its tail in a "come hither" like motion, the Squirmy Worm is a sexy worm pattern that trout everywhere can't help check out and take a bite.  The rubber tubing flips and wriggles as it bounces through the current in a spot-on imitation of a...

  • Black & Silver UV Chironomid Pattern Red UV Chironomid Pattern Yellow & Red UV Chironomid Pattern

    UV Chironomid

    The closest thing to a bulletproof fly pattern in your fly box, the  UV Chironomid will empty a lake of trout before you need to switch flies!  True in color and profile to a host of large chironomid species found in lakes, the clear...

  • Reef Pal

    Reef Pal

    One of the best kept guide secrets of Wyoming's North Platte River, the Reef Pal is a mighty midge pattern that packs one hell of a punch.  The blue glass beadhead of this midge pattern has proven the Kryptonite like downfall for many a trophy trout...

  • Buckskin


    Simple but effective, the Buckskin (often known as the Buckskin Nymph) is a killer caddis larva pattern that consistently produces fish on lakes and rivers across the US.  Particularly effective at tricking highly selective or skittish fish, the...

  • Prince Nymph

    Prince Nymph

    While the Prince Nymph in its various forms has the profile of a mayfly or stonefly nymph, that is where the resemblance ends.  Contrasting red and white goose biots, gold wire wrapped over a peacock body all come together to form one extremely...

  • PS Martian Mysis - In the Light PS Martian Mysis - In the Dark

    PS Martian Mysis

    Like shrimp cocktail from outer space, the PS Martian Mysis is an Ascent Fly Fishing original brought to you by Aquatic Biologist Peter Stitcher.  Stocked to a number of lakes and reservoirs across the Western US, Mysis Shrimp are a key food species...

  • Mercury Pheasant Tail

    Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail

     The "Jack of all Trades" of the angler's fly box, the Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail is an ultra-versatile fly pattern that is capable of matching a number of mayfly species across the country.  A spicier version of the pheasant tail nymph,...

  • Flashback Mercury Baetis

    Flashback Mercury Baetis

    The offspring of an RSII and a JujuBaetis, the Flashback Mercury Baetis was a born and destined to be a trout slayer!  Don't let the slim profile and muted colors of this pattern fool you, as it has been known to clean out every hole on the rivers...

  • Stalcup Baetis

    Stalcup Baetis

     The Stalcup Baetis is a bit of a bully when it comes to fly patterns.  It's not content to be fished for just one hatch and always wants to be a part of the action when matching a number of mayfly and stonefly species across the continent...

  • Dark Olive Mayhem Black Mayhem


    Mimicking one of the most vulnerable life cycles of the invertebrate, the foam wing of the Mayhem allows it to dance and bob in the water column in a spot-on imitation of a small invertebrate trying to emerge.  Equally deadly when fished off the...