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Minnows, Leeches & Crawfish

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  • Tan AP Nymph Black AP Nymph

    AP Nymph

    The "AP" in AP Nymph stands for "All Purpose" and that is truly the case when it comes to this ultra-versatile generalist pattern.  When fished in different sizes and colors, the AP Nymph can be used to imitate almost every species of mayfly and...

  • Rainbow Trout Baby Gonga Olive Baby Gonga Brown & Yellow Baby Gonga Grey Baby Gonga Black Baby Gonga

    Baby Gonga

    Don't let it's small size full you, because the Baby Gonga is here to do work!  Tied with lead eyes for weight and an oversized head that displaces a wake in front of it, this articulated streamer measures 2.5" in length, is immaculately...

  • Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Black / White Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Olive / White Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Grey / White Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Brown / Yellow Barely Legal Articulated Streamer - Olive / Yellow

    Barely Legal

    The Barely Legal articulated streamer looks like the love child of the Peanut Envy and the T & A Bunker and packs the punch of both of these killer patterns! The combination of the long profile and conehead with the vertical comb-like tufts of...

  • Beadhead Crystal Bugger

    Beadhead Crystal Bugger

    A sexier and shinier version of the traditional beadhead wooly bugger, the Beadhead Crystal bugger shares the tradional head and tail of its predecessor, but has the addition of a shaggy, mirrored chenille wrapped around its middle...

  • Black Beadhead Egg Sucking Leech Olive Beadhead Egg Sucking Leech Brown Beadhead Egg Sucking Leech Purple Beadhead Egg Sucking Leech

    Beadhead Egg Sucking Leech

    A known steelhead and trout killer, the Beadhead Egg Sucking Leech is essentially a souped-up Wooly Bugger with a fluorescent pink beadhead.  Whether leeches actually feed on fish eggs in nature or do so in such numbers that trout will be looking...

  • Black Beadhead Flash-a-Bugger Brown Beadhead Flash-a-Bugger Beadhead Flash-a-bugger

    Beadhead Flash-a-bugger

    The first streamer that most anglers cast, and one that continues to produce time after time on the water, the Beadhead Flash-a-bugger (aka. Wooly Bugger) is a generalist streamer pattern that can be used to imitate a baitfish, leech, crayfish, or young...

  • Beadhead Goldilocks Bugger

    Beadhead Goldilocks Bugger

    Like an 80’s glam rocker, the Beadhead Goldilocks Bugger is all flash and big hair (marabou) sex appeal! The wooly bugger is one of the first streamers that most anglers cast, and the Beadhead Goldilocks Bugger is a killer and Shinner imitation to...

  • Beadhead Mini Leech - Black Beadhead Mini Leech - Olive Beadhead Mini Leech - Rust Beadhead Mini Leech - Natural

    Beadhead Mini Leech

    First tied to target the ultra-selective trophy trout of Colorado’s South Platte River, the Beadhead Mini Leech is an understated, micro leech pattern that can be stripped of dead drifted with equally deadly effect. At Ascent Fly Fishing we've...

  • Black Beadhead Pine Squirrel Leech Olive Beadhead Pine Squirrel Leech Rust Beadhead Pine Squirrel Leech Natural Beadhead Pine Squirrel Leech

    Beadhead Pine Squirrel Leech

    Tied to a shorter shanked hook than the traditional streamer and wrapped with a flexible strip of squirrel hair that extends well past the curve of the hook, the Beadhead Pine Squirrel Leech is all action as it is drifted or retrieved through the water...

  • Black Beadhead Simi Seal Leech Olive Beadhead Simi Seal Leech Brown Beadhead Simi Seal Leech

    Beadhead Simi Seal Leech

    Similar in size and tie to the beadhead wooly bugger, the stiff dubbing material of the Simi Seal Leech creates a flowing, ribbon-like body when this fly is retrieved through the water.  Almost identical in shape and color to a natural leech,...

  • Beadhead Thin Mint

    Beadhead Thin Mint

    While the region of the Thin Mint's origin is up for debate, there is no one contesting that this streamer is an absolute fish magnet!  A multi-colored wooly bugger at its roots, the understated combination of hackle and marabou tied into this fly...

  • Boogle Bug Popper

    Boogle Bug Popper

    The Boogle Bug Popper is sure to make a splash the next time you target large trout, bass, pike, or muskie!  This popper-type top water pattern splashes and dives under the surface of the water as it is retrieved!  Equally effective in...

  • Conehead Articulated Thin Mint

    Conehead Articulated Thin Mint

    What do you do when you have a favorite streamer pattern like the Thin Mint that consistently catches fish wherever and whenever you fish it? You soup that fly up with more weight, articulated motion, and a stinger hook, and start catching river...

  • Conehead Autumn Splendor

    Conehead Autumn Splendor

    Originally tied in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, the fame and popularity of the Autumn Splendor Streamer has since spread from coast to coast!  A more active and flamboyant version of the flash bugger, the Autumn Splendor is an excellent...

  • Conehead Little Rascal

    Conehead Little Rascal

    While small in stature and tied on a hook 2x shorter than most streamers, the unassuming size and slight profile of the Little Rascal streamer have lured many a trout into a false sense of security right before the line goes tight and they start kicking...

  • Conehead Moto Minnow

    Conehead Moto Minnow

    A killer shad, fathead minnow, and sculpin imitation, the Conehead Moto Minnow gets down deep, does it quickly, and gets into the zone where the BIG FISH like to lay!  Known to crush it in lakes and rivers, the Moto Minnow is a proven producer from...

  • Natural Conehead Muddler Minnow Black Conehead Muddler Minnow White Conehead Muddler Minnow

    Conehead Muddler Minnow

    Although the Muddler Minnow pattern is more than 75 years old, there is a reason that it has persisted to this day: it catches a lot of fish!  This Generalist minnow imitation is close in size and color to a number of baitfish species and...

  • Rust Conehead Slumpbuster Black Conehead Slumpbuster Olive Conehead Slumpbuster Natural Conehead Slumpbuster

    Conehead Slumpbuster

    A piece of fly tying mad science, and hands down our favorite streamer pattern in the fly box, the Conehead Slumpbuster is a trophy trout killer (in a catch and release sense of the word)!  Big fish will always eat big flies, and the Slumpbuster...

  • Conehead Vanilla Bugger

    Conehead Vanilla Bugger

    An excellent imitation of a young sucker, whitefish, or sculpin, the Conehead Vanilla Bugger is a unique take on the classic wooly bugger that fills a unique niche.  Visible to feeding fish in cloudy water or under low light, the Conehead Vanilla...

  • Conehead Whit's Sculpin

    Conehead Whit's Sculpin

    A very specific tie for one of trout's favorite and most consistent sources of food, the Whit's Sculpin is a dead ringer in profile and color for the sculpin inhabiting trout waters from coast to coast. Dry/Wet:  Wet Fly Category: Streamer...

  • Dahlberg Diver

    Dahlberg Diver

    If the Dahlberg Diver looks freaked out, it is because it knows it is about to get eaten!  Large trout, bass, pike, and muskie love to crush this popper-type top water pattern as it splashes and kicks across the surface of the water!  The...

  • Dolly Lama Articulated Streamer - Black / White Dolly Lama Articulated Streamer - Olive / White Dolly Lama Articulated Streamer - Black / Olive Dolly Lama Articulated Streamer - Brown / Yellow Dolly Lama Articulated Streamer - White

    Dolly Lama

    Hands down, the Dolly Lama (aka. Dali Llama) Articulate Streamer is one the Ascent team’s favorite flies in the shop and one of our most effective patterns on the water! While not the largest articulated streamer and only sporting one articulated...

  • Brown & Yellow Double Gonga Olive  Double Gonga Baby Rainbow  Double Gonga Black  Double Gonga Grey  Double Gonga

    Double Gonga

    The Double Gonga is a serious hunk of meat for those targeting serious fish!  Tied with lead eyes for weight and an oversized head that displaces a wake in front of it, this articulated streamer measures 4" in length, is immaculately detailed with...

  • Goldilocks  Bugger

    Goldilocks Bugger

    Like an 80’s glam rocker, the Goldilocks Bugger is all flash and big hair (marabou) sex appeal! The wooly bugger is one of the first streamers that most anglers cast, and the Goldilocks Bugger is a killer and Shinner imitation to help round out...

24 of 47 Items