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Fly Casting 103 Class

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Join Ascent Fly Fishing and Fly Fishers International certified casting instructor Bill Stewart to begin your journey to becoming a confident, consistent, accurate fly caster.  Bill Stewart is a life long angler and a truly passionate and skilled casting instructor.  Using a tools and casting techniques learned from decades on the water and solidified in the training of over 800 individual fly castors, Bill and the team at Ascent are here and ready to help you become a strong, accomplished, and confident castor. All casting classes are held at the Ascent Fly Fishing fly shop located at 10143 W Chatfield Ave. Unit 1 Littleton, CO 80127, from 6 - 7:30pm.

Who Should Take The Fly Fishing 103 Class? 

This 1 1⁄2 hour class is for casters who have completed the Fly Casting 101 & 102 classes. Casters who have actually spent time practicing what they learned in the earlier classes, especially focusing on practice to achieve narrow loops will benefit the most from this class.

Each 1 1/2 class is limited to 10 participants 

Why Should You Take The Fly Fishing 103 Class? 

While much of our fishing in Colorado doesn’t require casting to distances more than 30 ft, there will certainly be times when casting to greater distances is useful and/or necessary. Casting accuracy is always useful regardless of the distance. In this class we explore techniques for improving both distance and accuracy. It’s the perfect next step for those anglers who have made improvements in their casting as a result of their completion of the 101 and 102 level classes.

What Will We Cover?

Warmup, Loop Tune-Up, and Fine-Tuning

  • We spend some time at the beginning of every class to warm up and fine-tune our loops. After all, this is the “Secret Sauce” to good casting.


Let’s Learn It:

  • Techniques for Aiming at a Target.
    • Our Secret “Gun Sight” When We’re Casting.
    • Learnings from Competitive Shooters.
  • Judging Distance.
  • Adjusting Trajectory.

Let’s Try It:

  • Practice Aiming Technique to 25 ft and 35 ft Targets.
  • Practice Judging and Adjusting for Distance to 25 ft and 35 ft Targets.

Let’s Add Some Fishing Applications:

  • False Casting to a Target.
  • False Casting and Changing Direction.
  • False Casting and Shooting to a Target.
  • Pocket Water Course.


Let’s Learn It:

  • Most Important Skill for Distance.
  • 4 Adjustments We Need to Make to Our Casting When Adding Distance.

Let’s Try It:

  • Practice Picking Up Line at 30 ft and Extending to 50 ft.

Let’s Add Some Fishing Applications:


  • Fly-In-Hand to 50 ft Cast.
  • Combine Distance and Accuracy Practice.
  • Distance, Accuracy, and Change of Direction.
  • Pocket Water Course with Adjustments.

Wrap Up, Homework, and Casting Practice Recommendations.