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Fly Casting 102 Class

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Join Ascent Fly Fishing and Fly Fishers International certified casting instructor Bill Stewart to begin your journey to becoming a confident, consistent, accurate fly caster.  Bill Stewart is a life long angler and a truly passionate and skilled casting instructor.  Using a tools and casting techniques learned from decades on the water and solidified in the training of over 800 individual fly castors, Bill and the team at Ascent are here and ready to help you become a strong, accomplished, and confident castor. All casting classes are held at the Ascent Fly Fishing fly shop located at 10143 W Chatfield Ave. Unit 1 Littleton, CO 80127.

Who Should Take The Fly Fishing 102 Class 

This 1 1⁄2 hour class is geared toward casters who have completed the Fly Casting 101 class. Those that have practiced the foundational skills learned in the 101 class should have a strong foundation on which to continue to grow in the 102 class.

Each 1 1/2 class is limited to 10 participants 

Why Should You Take The Fly Fishing 102 Class 

With this class we not only work on refining the quality of our loops, but we begin to bring to bear the learnings from the Intermediate Level 1 class into 3 very useful casting techniques: Shooting Line, the
Water Tension Cast, and the Roll Cast. Most experienced anglers probably use a version of these in their fishing, but have never had any training on proper technique and nuances of these casts.

What Will We Cover?:
Warmup, Loop Tune-Up, and Fine-Tuning

  • We spend some time at the beginning of every class to warm up and fine-tune our loops. After all, this is the “Secret Sauce” to good casting.

Shooting Line

Let’s Learn It
When and why we use it. We will use the Grass Drill to work on timing

  • Loop quality when shooting line.
  • Line management during the shoot.

Let’s Try It:

  • Pickup- and-Laydown (PULD) and Shoot.
  • False Casting and Shoot.

Let’s Add Some Fishing Applications:

  • PULD and Shoot on the Dominant Side.
  • PULD with Change of Direction and Shoot.
  • PULD and Shoot on the Non-Dominant Side.
  • Seated or Kneeling (Boat Simulation) PULD and Shoot.

Water Tension Cast

Let’s Learn It:

  • What it is and why we use it.
  • Execution
    •  Hand/Arm/Rod Positions
    •  180 Degree Rule
    •  Vertical vs Side-Arm

Let’s Try It:  

  • Practice and Troubleshooting

Roll Cast

Let’s Learn It:

  • When/Why the Roll Cast:
    •  The 5 “Whens?.”
    •  Similarities to Water Tension Cast.
  •  Setting up the Roll Cast.
    •  Key Components and Checklist.
    •  Intro to Casting Plane.
    •  The “D” Loop and Why It’s Important.
    •  180 Degree Rule.
    •  Roll Cast Casting Initiation and Rod Action.
    •  Narrow vs Wide Loop Roll Casts.

Let’s Try It 

  •  Fixed anchor practice.
  •  Release anchor practice.
  •  On-Grass Practice.

Let’s Add Some Fishing Applications:  

  • Water Tension Cast and Shoot.
  • Water Tension Cast and Change Directions.
  • Roll Cast – Dominant Side.
  • Roll Cast – Non Dominant Side.
  • Roll Cast Pickup.

Wrap Up, Homework, and Casting Practice Recommendations

Interested in a 1 on 1 casting class or advanced casting instruction?  Reach out to Bill Stewart directly at Rockin the Hatch Fly Fishing by CLICKING HERE.