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Fly Casting 101 Class

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Join Ascent Fly Fishing and Fly Fishers International certified casting instructor Bill Stewart to begin your journey to becoming a confident, consistent, accurate fly caster.  Bill Stewart is a life long angler and a truly passionate and skilled casting instructor.  Using a tools and casting techniques learned from decades on the water and solidified in the training of over 800 individual fly castors, Bill and the team at Ascent are here and ready to help you become a strong, accomplished, and confident castor. All casting classes are held at the Ascent Fly Fishing fly shop located at 10143 W Chatfield Ave. Unit 1 Littleton, CO 80127.

Who Should Take The Fly Fishing 101 Class 

This class is geared toward casters who have some level of experience with fly casting and fly fishing but are wanting to correct bad habits or build a strong foundation upon which to grow their casting skills .  Whether you've been fly fished for 1 year or 25 years, all anglers can benefit from this class.  Note that this class is not geared toward young children or first-time beginners. Adults and kids aged 13+  are generally preferred.  

Each 1 1/2 class is limited to 10 participants 

Why Should You Take The Fly Fishing 101 Class 

As Lefty Kreh said, “If people could cast better, they’d catch more fish.” In this class we delve into  the secret to casting better, namely being able to form and control loops. This skill is not only  fundamental to all casting, but it is the single best way for any caster at any level to improve their  casting. Improving loop control will help with:  

  • Casting in the Wind  
  • Advanced Casting Techniques (Including Double-Haul)  

This Fly Fishing 101 Class Will Consist of the Following: 

Let’s Learn It 

Loop Formation 

  • Narrow Loops – What Are Narrow Loops, How Do We Make Them, and When Do  We Want Them? 
  • Wide Loops – Characteristics of Wide Loops and When Do We Want Them? o Tailing Loops – What Are These, What Causes Them, and Why Do We Want to Avoid  Them? 
  • The Secret to Controlling Loop Size and Shape. 

Let’s Try It 

  • We’ll Focus on Refining Our Loops Using a Pickup-and-Laydown (PULD) Cast. o Proper Setup and Execution of the PULD Cast. 
    • Adjustments to Control Loop Size in the PULD Cast (Back Cast & Forward Cast) o Importance of the Back Cast. 
    • Casting Trajectory. 

Let’s Add Some Fishing Applications:  Utilizing the Pick Up Lay Down cast (PULD)

  • PULD on Dominant Side. 
  • PULD with Change of Direction. 
  • PULD on Non-Dominant Side. 
  • Side-Arm PULD. 
  • Conversion to False Casting. 

Wrap Up, Homework, and Casting Practice Recommendations

  • Intro to the Grass Drill 
  • Grass Drill Progression

Interested in a 1 on 1 casting class or advanced casting instruction?  Reach out to Bill Stewart directly at Rockin the Hatch Fly Fishing by CLICKING HERE.

5 Reviews

  • 5
    Fly Casting 101 ... Hit all the ABCs

    Posted by Rod S on 12th Oct 2023

    i've flished for 7yrs (not a long time), and the instructor showed me small errors that make a big difference. Much more to learn and practice

  • 5
    Casting 101

    Posted by Roger Elliott on 4th Sep 2023

    Great class , informative, learned new areas to improve my casting, I’m looking forward to availability in 102

  • 5
    Great Fundamentals

    Posted by John Warren on 2nd Sep 2023

    Surprisingly helpful for someone who has been fly fishing for over 60 years

  • 5
    Fly Casting 101

    Posted by Gary E Counts on 15th Aug 2023

    Bill is an excellent teacher! I’ve been practicing what he taught me and I’m already seeing significant improvements to my casting. Can’t wait for the next class!

  • 5
    Fly casting 101

    Posted by Jeff Kosiba on 8th Aug 2023

    Bill was fantastic. He took the time explaining technique and made sure each participant understood the topics as well as had the casting technique down sufficient to head to open water. Will definitely be looking forward to the next class.