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Callibaetis Mayfly Selection

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Found in nearly every roadside ditch, pond, lake and reservoir in the central and western United States, the Callibaetis mayfly is one of the most important stillwater food sources for trout.  While the nymphs of the callibaetis are available to feeding trout 365 days a year, it is during the blanket hatches of summer that some of the hottest fishing is to be had as manic trout rise to feed on emergers, duns, and spinners.

Our callibaetis mayfly selections have been crafted to allow the angler to fish every life stage of this important mayfly species (Nymph, Wet Emerger, Dry Emerger, Dun, Spinner, and Spinner Fall).  

The Small Selection will focus on the dominant life stages and includes 6 dry fly patterns and 6 wet fly patterns.

The Medium Selection will expand upon both the dry and wet life stages and includes 12 dry fly patterns and 12 wet fly patterns.

The Large Selection exhaustively covers every life stage and includes 18 dry fly patterns and 18 wet fly patterns.

The fly patterns included in this selection are:

  • BH Poxyback Callibaetis
  • BH Flashback Hare's Ear
  • Double BH WD-40 - Grey
  • Greg's Emerger - Grey
  • Parachute Callibaetis Emerger
  • Blue Dun CDC Comparadun
  • Parachute Loopwing Callibaetis
  • Callibaetis Spinner

The quantity of flies dedicated to each life stage is based on their importance to the fly fisher and feeding trout.

Fly box not included - selection will be packed in a recyclable container.