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Dry Stonefly Selection

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Dry stonefly patterns are by far one of the most fun patterns to fish!  These "steaks of the river" offer feeding trout a shot at a big chunk of protein and cause them to strike with explosive force so as not to miss these floating treats.  Unlike caddis and mayflies, there are certain species of stonefly that emerge in all four seasons.  

Our dry stonefly patterns imitate the natural with well-defined tails with wings tied flat and parallel to the back.  The sizes, colors, and quanitites dedicated to each pattern have been selected to cover more stonefly species with fewer flies.

The Small Selection includes 15 dry stonefly fly patterns with no repetition in size or color.

The Medium Selection includes 30 dry stonefly patterns and expands upon the sizes, colors, and patterns.

The Large Selection included 45 dry stonefly patterns, exhaustively covers the adult life stage, and provides some repetiton in size and color for all pattern.  Watch out trout! 

The fly patterns included in this selection are:

  • Stimulator - Yellow, Orange, & Olive
  • Super Stimulator - Tan & Peacock
  • Chubby Chernobyl - Brown, Tan, & Purple
  • Parachute Madam X (PMX) - Olive, Golden, & Purple
  • Yellow Sally Stimulator

Fishing tips: If your fly box is light on terrestrial patterns and trout are feeding on hoppers, crickets, or big beetles, try tying on an adult stonefly pattern to get in the action.

Fly box not included - selection will be packed in a recyclable container.