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Black Caddis Selection

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Several caddis species share the common moniker "Black Caddis" (or "Mother's Day Caddis"), and can be found hatching throughout spring and summer.  While some western states such as Montana and Idaho have been blessed with black caddis hatches of biblical proportions, this family of invertebrates will also be found stretching through Appalachia and hatching from waters coast to coast.  

The black caddis are most easily identified by the unique cases of the larva which are square in shape and are made from organic materials such as pine needles, leaves, or twigs.  

Our black caddis selections have been crafted to allow the angler to fish every life stage of this important caddis family (Larva, Emerger, and Adult) and will ensure that you are part of the action when the trout start to feed!  

The Small Selection will focus on the dominant life stages and includes 6 dry fly patterns and 6 wet fly patterns.

The Medium Selection will expand upon both the dry and wet life stages and includes 16 dry fly patterns and 8 wet fly patterns.

The Large Selection will exhaustively cover every life stage and includes 24 dry fly patterns and 12 wet fly patterns, and will make you a force to be reckoned with on the water!

The fly patterns included in this selection are:

  • Green Jelly Cord Caddis Larva
  • Beadhead Cased Caddis
  • Z-Wing Caddis - Olive
  • Colorado Caddis - Grey
  • Chewee Caddis Emerger - Olive
  • Black Tentwing Caddis
  • Black CDC Caddis
  • Black Elk Hair Caddis
  • Black Foam Caddis
  • Mother's Day Caddis

The quantity of flies dedicated to each life stage is based on their importance to the fly fisher and feeding trout.

Fly box not included - selection will be packed in a recyclable container.