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Dry Caddis Fly Selection

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With 18 families and 1,261 species of caddis found in lakes and rivers across North America, the caddisfly is one of the most important foods in the trout's diet. For all intents and purposes, caddisflies are just aquatic moths. Unlike midges, mayflies, and stoneflies however, the adult caddisflies spend between several days to a couple of weeks around and on the water after they emerge.

Our adult caddisfly patterns imitate the tent-like wings of the natural with realistic elk hair and turkey quill ties. The sizes, colors, and quanitites dedicated to each pattern have been selected to cover more caddisfly species with fewer flies.

The Small selection includes 15 dry caddisfly patterns with no repetition in size or color.

The Medium selection includes 30 dry caddisfly patterns and expands upon the sizes, colors, and patterns.

The Large selection exhaustively covers the adult caddisfly and provides repetiton in size and color for all pattern ensuring that you are well stocked with these little trout treats with a toal of 45 flies!

The fly patterns included in this selecion are:

  • Elk Hair Caddis - Grey, Black, Olive, Natural, & Pearl
  • Foam Caddis - Tan, Olive, & Black
  • X-Caddis - Tan & Olive
  • Goddard Caddis
  • Parachute Caddis
  • Missing Link Caddis

Fly box not included - selection will be packed in a recyclable container.