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Join Ascent Fly Fishing, Denver Outfitters, & Crazy Mountain Brewing in for our October Pop-up Fly Shop!

We are excited to announce that Ascent Fly Fishing will be partnering with Denver Outfitters and Crazy Mountain Brewing in October for our Monthly Pop-up Fly Shop! Makers of the Fly Fishing Rod Vault (formerly Titan Rod Vaults), car top popup camper, and now a whole line of cool fly fishing apparel and hats, Denver Outfitters came onto the fly fishing scene a couple years ago with equal parts passion, purpose, and fly fishing awesomeness!

Ascent Fly Fishing will be setting up our October Pop-up Fly Shop at the Denver Outfitters headquarters :
1250 Simms St #105, Lakewood, CO 80401 (CLICK HERE FOR A MOBILE RESPONSIVE MAP)

Friday, Oct. 6th from 3 pm - 8 pm & Saturday, Oct. 7th from 8 am - 5 pm

Offering our best price of $10 per dozen on more than 400,000 dry, wet, and weighted fly patterns, this is your chance to have a biologist look at your fly boxes and match your hatch, top off your fly box, and receive discounts on Denver Outfitter Apparel, so don't miss out!

The brewing masterminds at Crazy Mountain Brewing will also be providing their tasty Craft Beer FOR FREE for the attendees of the Pop-up Fly Shop during our "Happy Hour Sale" on Friday 10/6!

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The 5 Steps to Choosing the Best Fly Pattern

(This article is a follow up to a previous article titled “Take a Moment and PAUSE” published first in July of 2016 and describing the 5 places around and in the river to identify what foods trout are most likely eating. If you haven’t read that article, take a moment to do so on [...]

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Czech Nymphing: Simple, Responsive, & Deadly

Photo taken by Mark Jessop of Troutfin StudiosOften times, the angler who catches the most fish is the one who can best detect and swiftly respond to the lightning quick strikes or subtle takes of trout as they sip a passing fly from the current. The trout we pursue on the fly are a [...]

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Investing in the Future of Trout

“No man steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man.” Heraclitus 535 – 475 BC It is a quote that both excites and haunts me. Read one way, this quote can speak to the life-transforming power of the [...]

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The Geometry of Landing Big Fish: Part II

Tying into a big trout can be like jumping out of the gates on the back of a rodeo bull. White knuckles wrap around the cork of our rod as we hold on for dear life as the battle commences. Sown into every fiber of the trout’s body and reinforced over thousands of [...]

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The Geometry of Landing Big Fish: Part I

Photo by: Mark JessopFor many of us, “Keep your rod tip up!” summarized the entirety of our instruction in how to fight and land fish. In my youth, I would snap to Marine-like attention as this familiar call would fire across the river, and redouble the bend of my rod while straining against the fish [...]

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You are Welcome to Fish with Me

There is an anticipation that has always kept me awake the night before a fishing trip. It has been this way since the since my first trip to a Smoky Mountain stream at the age of 4, and even now - after 30 years and thousands of days logged on the river - my [...]

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Matching Mayflies: Part II

The importance of the mayfly in the diet of trout cannot be overstated. In my work as an aquatic biologist studying and sampling trout waters across country, I've seen populations of Blue Winged Olive mayfly nymphs crowding Rocky Mountain streams topping numbers of 1,200 nymphs per square meter, slow moving herds of green drake [...]

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Matching Mayflies: Part I

It could have been witnessing your first Hex hatch covering the Great Lakes like an armada of small boats, a brown trout rising to the Spring's first Sulphur mayfly on an Appalachian creek, or late summer Green Drakes bringing the river to a boil as every fish in the river seemed to be rising right [...]

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How to Hack Hatch Charts and Match the Hatch

Available for most popular trout lakes and rivers with a quick Google search, hatch charts can provide an angler with the basic knowledge of which aquatic insects will be present in a specific water and when the adult insects will be active. While all fly fishers love to fish the dry fly patterns highlighted [...]

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