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Mouse Patterns

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  • Black Morrish Mouse

    Morrish Mouse

    This ultra buoyant mouse pattern is a guide favorite from Alaska to Patagonia and everywhere in between.  Effective for trout, bass, and pike, the foam-back helps this pattern stay afloat while the bushy rabbit fur tail provides extra movement as...

  • Mouse Rat

    Mouse Rat

    The most popular mouse pattern in the fly angler's box, the Mouse Rat is equally efficient at catching large trout as it is hooking bass and pike.  This ultra-realistic rodent pattern will admirably imitate mice, voles, shrews, lemmings, and even a...

  • PS Martian Mouse - In the Light PS Martian Mouse - In the Dark

    PS Martian Mouse

    The PS Martian Mouse is an other-worldly fly and the brainchild of Aquatic Biologist Peter Stitcher.  Tied with several thick tufts of Glow in the Dark Flash to imitate the frantic splashing of a rodent swimming across the...

3 of 3 Items