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Golden Stonefly Selection

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Among the biggest and baddest bugs on the river, the Golden Stonefly hatch is one of the most eagerly anticipated hatches of the summer!  These large bodied stoneflies take up to two years to reach maturity as a nymph before they are ready to crawl out of the water, giving trout ample opportunity to target and feed on these river sausages!  The action doesn't end at the hatch, but actually starts to heat up!  The adult golden stonefly can measure several inches in length, and trout lose their minds as they feed on the egg-laying adults as they run across the surface of the water. 

The Small Selection includes a total of 12 Golden Stonefly patterns including 6 dry flies and 6 wet flies.

The Medium Selection touches on additional sizes in each of the patterns listed with a total of 24 Golden Stonefly patterns including 12 dry flies and 12 wet flies.

The Large Selection included 36 Golden Stonefly patterns, exhaustively covers this epic family of stones, and provides some repetiton in size and color for all pattern.  The trout won't know what hit them! 

The fly patterns included in this selection are:

  • Beadhead Hotspot Pat's Rubber Legs - Golden & Brown
  • Pat's Rubber Legs - Golden & Brown
  • Stonefly Nymph - Golden & Brown
  • Stimulator - Yellow & Orange
  • Super Stimulator - Tan 
  • Chubby Chernobyl - Brown & Tan
  • Parachute Madam X (PMX) - Golden

Fishing tips: If your fly box is light on terrestrial patterns and trout are feeding on hoppers, crickets, or big beetles, try tying on an adult stonefly pattern to get in the action.

Fly box not included - selection will be packed in a recyclable container.