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The ASCENT Difference


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You can go into any fly shop to be sold a random selection of flies, and more likely than not, as soon as you reach the water you will have forgotten what each pattern is meant to represent and when to fish each one.  Ascent Fly Fishing is here to dispel the blank stares into cluttered fly boxes, and to answer the ever present question of which fly to fish.  We spend more time with our heads underwater than above it, and yes, we have been known to taste a few bugs to better understand the mind of a trout!


At Ascent Fly Fishing, we don't like selling lonely flies.  Rivers and lakes are living, changing ecosystems, and there are numerous factors that contribute to how quickly a bug will grow, when it will emerge, and which variation of a fly will produce the strike on any given day.  Changing flows, water and air temperatures, elevation, and weather all affect which invertebrates and life cycles are active and available for feeding trout.   It just so happens that the biologists and bug geeks at Ascent Fly Fishing are experts at hitting the moving target of the hatch, and are here with Hatch Specific Selectionsequipping our clients to hit every life stage of the bugs on the water and target trout as they follow and feed throughout the hatch.  


Once  you dial in your favorite fly patterns, you can take advantage of our Swarm Pricing, which allows you to save as you stock up on the proven patterns for the waters you fish.  You choose the fly patterns and sizes, and as the swarm grows, so does your savings.


 The study of trout, their habitat, behavior, and food is more than just our pastime; it is our vocation, passion, and obsession!  Started and operated by aquatic biologists, we have spent our careers managing and building trophy trout waters, and applying our intimate understanding of trout and their habitat to the fly.  Our fly selections are based on our exhaustive invertebrate database covering the entirety of the United States.  This virtual bug brain allows us to go beyond guessing at the hatch, but to select flies based on the bugs actually in your waters you fish, when you are fishing them.

Done are the days of fishing blind and guessing at which fly to use!  Let the team at Ascent Fly Fishing put our brains and bugs to work for you! 

Each of our Biologist Crafted Fly Selections:

  • Match the life cycles of the bugs on and in your target waters, when you fish them
  • Selections take into account and adjust for the season, spawn, and runoff
  • Flies and streamers are catered to the species of fish in your target waters
  • Flies are organized in the box or dish according to the family, species, and life cycle so you spend less time seaching and more time catching



They're all "Lucky Flies" when you have a biologist in your fly box! 

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