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Why the Jujubaetis just might be the Best BWO Nymph on the River

While there are no "Silver Bullet" fly patterns that will ALWAYS catch trout, the closest pattern to a sure-fire trout catcher when fishing rivers might just be the Juju Baetis and Beadhead Juju Baetis. Here are the top reasons that you need to give this fly pattern a try and why we expect it will become one of your favorite fly patterns as well.

  • Matching the Most Abundant Mayfly in North America

The Blue Winged Olive or BWO is the most widely distributed and abundant mayfly in American streams. Found in 48 of the 50 states, and capable of thriving in both tailwaters and freestone rivers, the BWO is the hamburger of the river and is one of the most important food sources for trout and productive fly patterns for the fly fisher.

  • 31 Flavors of Mayfly Nymphs

With constantly changing flows and seasonal changes in water clarity, the juju beatis gives the angler the color and size variations to match the hatch and offers the trout a pattern that will pop and grab their attention. Fishing beaver ponds and braided channels mid-summer? Throw a red/black or brown/black juju baetis. Heading to the high county with its gin-clear waters? Fish a blue/purple or olive/black juju baetis. Regardless of where you are fishing, there is a size and color combo of juju baetis that will get the job done.

  • When Less is More

A common error made by many fly tyers is the idea that the more material wrapped on a fly the better. The problem with fat flies is that excess dubbing and overstuffed tails can slow the sink rate, causing the flies to drift high over the heads of shy trout holding to the riverbed. The slim profiles and beadheads of the juju beatis enable them to slice through the water, extending the length of your drift, and ultimately catch more fish.

You don't need to take our word for it - give the juju baetis and beadhead juju baetis a try and they will quickly become some of your favorite fly patterns!

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