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Trout are Ready for a Terrestrial Insect Feast - Are You?

Warm summer days charge up solar-powered terrestrial insects and put them on the trouts' menu!

With the long summer days and the rise of the mercury in the thermometer, so heats up the summer terrestrial bite! All invertebrates (aka bugs) are cold-blooded, and when the weather is cool or overcast, they don't want to move. It is in the months of June through September that the consistently warm temperatures really get terrestrial insects like ants, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, and cicadas moving. Whether overeager, clumsy or drifted into the water by a gust of wind, terrestrial insects make up a good part of the summer and early fall diet of trout across the US. While grasshoppers, crickets, and cicadas can dominate the terrestrial bits at lower elevations, ants and beetles will consistently produce fish from the highest mountain lake to the lowest drainages in the Appalachian mountains throughout this time period.

These high floating, calorie-rich foods should not be overlooked and deserve a place of honor among your most trusted summer dry fly patterns!

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Clues that the Stonefly Hatch is about to Blast Off!

               If you want to catch fish today, tomorrow, and in the weeks to come, you need to get in the habit of seining the water. It is only by seining the water that we can get a view of what's happening on the bottom of the river and observe [...]

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Like Shrimp Cocktail for Trout!

Runoff is your opportunity to fish scud and sowbugs for BIG FISH!Fish feeding behavior and the foods they choose to pursue is based first and foremost on the number of calories they will be rewarded with for their effort. The storied waters of the Bighorn River in Montana, the White River in Arkansas, the [...]

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Get Ready for Stonefly Season on the Gunnison

The hot late spring sun, rising rivers and lengthening days signal that BIG BUG season is almost upon us! Each year between May and July, the Salmon Flies, Golden Stoneflies and Yellow Sallies emerge from the depths of our rivers to become the lifeblood of trout fisheries across the Rockies and the Western US. [...]

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Learn what it takes to be a Great Fishing Guide

We've all done it, it's been a long work week, the boss has been breathing down our necks and we start to daydream about leaving the rat race and becoming a fly fishing guide.This week I connected with one of the best fresh & saltwater guides in the business, Danny Frank, owner of Denver-based Colorado [...]

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The Unsung Heros of Spring Hatches - The Dark Hendrickson & Sulphur Mayflies

Dark Hendrickson - Ephemerella subvaria (Photo Credit on where you are fishing, the hatches may be known as the Sulphur Dun, Light Hendrickson, Pale Evening Dun, Great Eastern Sulphur, Red Quil, Dark Hendrickson, Yellow May, Light Cahill, or Yellow Dun. Regardless of what you call them, the fact remains that the hatches of [...]

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Fish a Purple Fly in Memory of Prince!

It takes a confident man to rock as much purple as the artist Prince did before his passing on April 21, 2016. The man exuded an animal magnetism that drove women crazy the same way that trout lose their fishy minds when a purple fly drifts their way!The foundation to matching the hatch is [...]

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Like a Biblical Plague, the Blue Winged Olives are Here!

While there are a number of hatches starting to dimple the surfaces of rivers across the United States, none are more important or eagerly greeted by trout as the Blue Winged Olive Mayfly (BWO) hatch! Found in 48 of the 50 US states and all of Canada, the BWO hatch is as regular as [...]

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The Advantages of Fly Fishing with Fluorocarbon

Not all tippet and leader are created equal. Monofilament or nylon line has been around since the 1950s and while relatively inexpensive and excellent for fishing dry flies, it has some major disadvantages when fishing wet flies or targeting skittish fish. The answer to these problems came in the mid-’70s with the invention [...]

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Tactics for Fly Fishing During Runoff

April Showers bring May flowers, but they also can make spring fly fishing a serious challenge! Much of the Western United States received an exceptional amount of snow this past winter, exceeding 150% of the average in many basins, and the rivers are already starting to swell with what is certain to be a [...]

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