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Featured in the denver post

Fly Fishing Rendezvous aims for everyman appeal

Among the myriad mysteries and confounding questions faced by beginning — and often enough experienced — fly-fishermen, perhaps the most profound can be summarized in two simple words: What happened? Fishing, after all, is the ultimate everyman sport, introduced to children at farm ponds and on the docks of city parks. Fishermen line the piers of the Atlantic and Pacific as well as the streams that flow between them, passing through mountains, prairies and urban corridors alike. Fishing line could be considered our common thread.


Featured in 9news

Catching Colorado: Ascent Fly Fishing


Featured in The Drake

Colorado's Ascent Fly Fishing has your fix

Google Maps took me deep into suburban Denver, where I wound up in front of a nondescript two-story house. I parked and rechecked the address. I walked up to the front door and knocked. A man appeared. We shook hands. Then he opened his garage to reveal 400,000 flies in a dozen trays. Apparently this was the right place.


Featured in The Gazette

Fly Fishing Rendezvous showcases Colorado-based companies

DENVER — More than half the time Juan Ramirez fishes the Arkansas River, he could be in shorts, no waders. "Hopper Juan," as his nickname goes, ties on the dry fly pattern he designed, trailed by a dropper intended to fool fish under the surface. One rod, one reel, a couple of dozen flies, and the cellphone stays in the glove box. He can carry nippers, forceps, weights, a few spools of tippet and — voila! — Ramirez is geared up for a full day on the water. This fly-fishing thing really is that simple, you know?


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